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Díaz Ayuso challenges Colau: “We will do our best to have the Mobile World Congress” | Spain


The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, advanced on Thursday that the regional government will do its best to move the Mobile World Congress, which is currently taking place in Barcelona, ​​to the Spanish capital.

Díaz Ayuso launched his post on the day when the Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, had generated controversy in the sector, with which he was already in a tense relationship, by posting on his website a column against 5G technology. calls for “moratorium on technology deployment until it is known with certainty that it does not affect health or the environment,” he said. The Spanish. The world’s largest mobile phone fair will be starting in just over a month in the Catalan capital and Madrid, said Díaz Ayuso, speaking with his organizers for weeks to try to arrange the event. However, the president of the Madrid Ifema fairgrounds, Clemente González Soler, ruled out on SER last Wednesday afternoon that the Mobile could land in Madrid because “it is already OK where it is”.

“We will do everything that depends on us to come to Madrid,” Díaz Ayuso said this morning at an informative breakfast organized by Europa Press. “We are ready to host Mobile. We will do our best to have it Mobile,” he continued. “We’ve been talking to organizers for weeks now,” he said. “If it is up to me to bring it, they will continue to give this treatment to the organization, they have no doubt about it,” he added. “Whatever the mayor thinks [Colau] we think it is an event that can be perfectly celebrated in Madrid and which I have been interested in other times. “

“Years of hard work and collaboration between administrations,” Colau reacted through social media. “This is the key behind successful events such as the Mobile World Congress which Mrs. Ayuso seems to be unaware of,” she added. “Maybe that’s why it fuels confrontation and controversy. It’s not the way.”

For her part, the regional president emphasized that the Community of Madrid is ready to host events of this magnitude in advance, as demonstrated in 2018 with the Copa Libertadores final, which faced the River and Boca, or in 2019 with the Climate Summit. Madrid, said Díaz Ayuso, is ready to host events “of the magnitude whatever and whatever difficulty they entail “and guarantees that they are done with”all the freedom to move, to interact and to undertake. “

Immediately after he took office in 2015, Colau announced his intention to extend the presence of Mobile in Barcelona to 2023. Since then, the relationship between the two parties has been strained. The congress has been held in the Catalan capital since 2006 and generates more than 400 million euros for its economy, to which it contributes 12,500 temporary jobs.

In 2016, the then President of Madrid Cristina Cifuentes already made an attempt. “I wish the Mobile could come to Madrid, which is what we will try in a few years,” said Cifuentes on the day the Catalan capital suffered its second day of strike on the subway during the event, which This caused many attendees problems when accessing the venue, located in Hospitalet de Llobregat.



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