Díaz-Canel accuses "the imperial lie" of the complaint before the ICC for slavery



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The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-CanelIt took him hours to answer the public presentation at the OAS headquarters in Washington, DC, of the complaint that two NGOs -Cuban Prisoners Defenders and Unpacu- have filed against him, his predecessor in office, Raúl Castro, and four other Cuban government officials before the International Criminal Court. They are accused of committing crimes against humanity, in the form of slavery, persecution and other inhumane acts. Facts that would have affected thousands of civil professionals, especially doctors, who for years have participated in the internationalization missions promoted by the Cuban regime.

"Once again, the imperial lie tries to discredit Cuban programs of health collaboration with other countries, describing them as a practice of "Modern slavery" and of "It's about people". They are annoyed by the solidarity and the example of Cuba, "the president said on his Twitter account on Wednesday. And he said that "more than 600,000 Cubans have provided medical services in more than 160 countries in the last 55 years. In Cuba, 35 thousand 613 health professionals from 138 countries have been trained for free ". To then accuse the US to seek "to restore the program of brain drain to Cuban doctors".

The keys of the complaint

However, Díaz-Canel does not mention that for years the Cuban government has used the work of these doctors to increase their income -the main source of the island, ahead of tourism-, staying with between 75% and 90% of the salary that the professionals had to perceive, that they were recruited in a forced way – they did not refuse to fear reprisals – to participate in these missions that kept them away from their families for three years.

In the countries of work they lived under strict supervision, agents sent by the Cuban regime. If they do not finish the mission they could be condemned to between 3 and 8 years in prison, and in case of concluding it and not wanting to return to Cuba, they were forbidden to return to the Island for eight years, to which was added the repression suffered by the family. Among the obligations, was to spy and tell colleagues who were thinking of defecting, falsify medical statistics and indoctrinate patients, especially in countries like Venezuela and Brazil.

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