Did Cristiano Ronaldo deserve the red one? The controversial action of the Bug

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The Manchester United live a real nightmare in his Classic in front of the Liverpool, because in addition to the conceded win, Cristiano Ronaldo, his top star, showed his despair in an action that almost cost him expulsion.

It was in the added time of the first half, with the United down for three goals, what Ronaldo fought a ball with Curtis JonesIn such a way that Cristiano sent his rival to the ground and there he threw two kicks that were appreciated by the whistler.

Despite this, the referee Anthony Taylor He only showed him the yellow card despite the claims of the people of the Liverpool.

Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Manchester United at the close of the transfer market and was established as the best player of September in the Premier League, but now he has suffered with the rest of his team.


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