MMore than five months after the violent death of 35-year-old Daniel H. on the outskirts of the Chemnitz City Festival, new details about the alleged facts of the indictment become known. According to information from NDR, WDR, MDR and SZ, it could have been in the deadly dispute over cocaine. The main suspect Farhad A. is said to have been as well as Daniel H. under the influence of drugs.

The indictment apparently relies on a witness who is now threatened. According to the statement, Farhad A. had attacked the later victim Daniel H. at 3 o'clock that night and asked for a "map". He should have taken a finger on the nose and inhaled audible, so have played cocaine cold. Also with Daniel H. the legal medicine should have determined cocaine consumption in small quantities. Whether the perpetrators and victims knew each other, the police apparently could not clarify.

Farhad A. hugged Daniel H. and discussed something with him. According to information from NDR, WDR, MDR and SZ it came thereby to a dispute, as a result Farhad A. went to the ground. The Syrian refugee Alaa S. then Farhad A. hastened to the aid and together they then Daniel H. were attacked with one knife.

Did the second suspect stabbed Daniel H.?

Whether the now accused Alaa S. but actually had a knife with him, appears contentious. The police could only find a knife that contained the DNA of the later victim. According to information from NDR, WDR, MDR and SZ, Alaa S. could not detect any traces on the stabbing weapon. Also, the autopsy could not provide a clear result on the number of knives used.



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