Did J-Ax and Fedez make peace? The singer’s gesture displaces the fans

What are the relationships between Fedez and J-Ax? For a long time, the two have gone through a period in which they have not heard from each other. In fact there was a certain tension that resulted in a situation of frost between one and the other. It is not immediately clear what were the reasons that led to this reaction, but certainly the relationships were not the happiest.

The silence of Fedez and J-Ax was something mutual, which lasted for several years. Maybe there is one now glimmer of hope, which would indicate how the relationship between the two would realign. That’s why many wonder if J-Ax and Fedez have made peace.

Fedez publishes a story on Instagram

A return to reconciliation would seem to indicate the story that Fedez posted on Instagram. It is a scene in which Chiara Ferragni’s partner is in the car and sings Without payinga song he produced with J-Ax himself.

The latter was tagged in the story of Fedez and then J-Ax himself shared the post. It was J-Ax in a recent interview who outlined what the relationship between the two had been. In fact, in addition to having conducted a certain business together, J-Ax made it clear that he was linked to Fedez by a deep one friendship.

The well-known rapper said he was very impressed by Fedez’s attitude, who complimented him on the record I’ll stop tomorrowand gave an over the top definition of Fedez, defining him as someone who wants to break the system.

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J-Ax talks about what he did with Fedez

Another interview released a few months ago by J-Ax lets us understand more precisely what their relationship was a few years ago. In fact, J-Ax said he absolutely did not deny what he did with Fedez from a musical point of view. Rather, it defines itself proud of the experience together and would be ready to do it all again.

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He referred to one of his records, entitled Communists with Rolex, and in particular he said he was very fond of one of the pieces of this work, which is called Musica del c. In short, the relationship between Fedez and J-Ax was linked by a working partnership also very important.

However J-Ax explains that he and Fedez are very different people, even though they both love punk rock.