Did Kanye West steal his Yeezy logo from Walmart?

Rapper and fashion entrepreneur Kanye West, whose worn sneakers were recently bought by an investor for $ 1.8 million, could soon be taken to court by Walmart. The US retail group is of the opinion that the new logo for West’s fashion brand Yeezy is too reminiscent of its own company logo and therefore fears economic damage.

Two suns that are quite similar

At first glance, the Kanye West and Walmart logos can indeed be assumed to be similar. Both characters obviously represent a sun, with “Ye” opting for dotted lines and more “sunbeams” in contrast to Walmart. Another difference between the two features (not seen in the picture below) is that the Walmart Sun is actually yellow in color. However, the black and white version appears on official documents and receipts. The group apparently sees the biggest problem in the areas of application of the Yeezy logo. These include clothing designs, retail services, music equipment, streaming, video games and hotel services.

The company, which was able to recruit US celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Garner for its current advertising campaign, rates the risk of consumer confusion very high due to the similarity of the logo. Walmart has already initiated an investigation into the case by the US patent and trademark authorities.

Another Yeezy design is also reminiscent of a foreign logo

The Yeezy empire seems to be growing incessantly. After Kanye West was able to get Adidas on board for a long-term collaboration, he has now announced a longer collaboration with the clothing brand Gap. However, the two brands do not want to focus on sneakers, but on sportswear. A logo was also designed for the cooperation. Except for the rounded corners and the modified letters “YZY”, the latter seems to be completely identical to the original Gap logo. The rapper probably doesn’t have to fear a legal dispute here.

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