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Did Kim Kardashian wear mirrored sunglasses at a poker tournament?


A picture allegedly displayed by Kim Kardashian with mirrored sunglasses on a poker table is often shared on social media and with derogatory comments about the perceived intelligence of the reality star. For example, a common headline is, "Whenever you feel like an idiot, remember that Kim Kardashian played poker with mirrored sunglasses."

This is a real photo of the reality TV star with reflective sunglasses on a poker table. This fashion choice, however, is not as stupid as the meme would suggest.

The photo was taken in July 2018 at the first annual If Only Texas Hold'e Charity Poker Tournament in the Forum in Inglewood, California. Although we could not get this photo, we found some other pictures showing Kardashian wearing the same glasses at this event.

Although this image is genuine, it does not document a particularly unusual or "feeble-minded" choice of eye wear. Sunglasses are actually common at the poker table. We searched Getty Images and found photos of professional poker players like Phil Laak, Scott Fischman, Iwan Jones, Chip Jett, Chris Moneymaker, and Qui Nguyen, who wear similarly reflective glasses.

Here is a picture of World Series of Poker Europe champion Phil Laak wearing reflective glasses at the poker table:

Wearing reflective sunglasses during a poker tournament may seem bleak to occasional viewers (could not the other opponents see their cards?), But tournament players rarely hold their cards in a position that causes their hand to be displayed on the reflective element lenses of their glasses , Most players of Texas Hold'em do not even lift their cards off the table, but instead opt for a small edge:

The image of Kardashian wearing mirrored sunglasses when playing poker is indeed real. However, it is not nearly as stupid as pictured in this meme.



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