Did Prince William and Prince Harry Reconcile? Fans Think So After Video Surfaces.

In the last few hours, fans of British royalty believe that the Prince William may have reconciled with his younger brother, the Prince Harry. The theory is generated after a recent video that princes of wales They have published on their social networks, where some Internet users have seen a small detail that they believe could mean a clear message about the relationship that the two brothers currently have.

Through social networks, royal fans were investigating the video that Prince William and Kate Middleton they published in their Instagram, where they showed the previous minutes that their three children lived together to attend the official coronation of the King Carlos III, last May 6.

In the video, the heirs to the throne are shown, along with their three sons, the Prince George, the Princesa Charlotte and the Prince Louis, preparing to leave your home in the Kensington Palace and go to the Westminster Abbey.

However, a number of Photos of the place managed to be visible, when Princess Charlotte walks into the drawing room, and one of them shows William, Harry and the mother of the royal brothers, the late Princess Diana.

After discovering that portrait, royal fans believe that William may have reconciled with the Duke of Sussex. The theory also gained strength with the report made by the British newspaper Mirror, explaining the video in detail.

As we all know, the Prince William received some attacks from the Prince Harry, who with his wife Meghan Markle, They made several accusations that left the British monarchy and its older brother in a very bad light.

2023-05-30 02:50:13

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