Did the Gauls feast with cannabis wine?

Did the Gauls feast with cannabis wine?

A vase containing wine infused with cannabis. This is one of the discoveries presented at the exhibition “Exit of excavations” at the Bargoin Museum in Clermont-Ferrand, until May 20, 2018. This last draws the results of excavations conducted in 2015 on the site of ZAC des Montels III at Cebazat in Puy-de-Dome. Hervé Delhoofs, the archaeologist responsible for research, had on this occasion got his hands on two vases, one of which is suspected of having contained a strange potion …
“We found these two vessels in the burial of a Gauloise of about thirty years, of the second century BC This is the first time in Europe that we identify Cannabis sativa in a grave, “comments in the columns of Parisian
Nicolas Garnier, researcher in archeology. “These plant fragments could be added to the wine, just like the resin, to aromatize it and give it a psychotropic effect,” the archeologist continues in the daily newspaper.
Many ingredients added to the wine
“In general, concerning the ancient wines, the various recipes which have come down to us and the analyzes that have been carried out show that practically all the aromatic plants have been tested”, says in Science and Future
, Matthieu Poux, Professor of Archeology at Lyon II University. According to him, many ingredients such as “grass”, “plaster”, or “seawater”, were associated with wine in antiquity, because it turned quickly to vinegar.

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Vercingetorix is ​​not a “pure Gallic product”

Given the many plants and aromas that could be found, the professor believes that it is not “surprising” to find hemp. “The search for the psychotropic effect is not proven by the mere presence of this plant. After, the hemp is not innocent and perhaps in this case, the Gauls were looking for these effects, “he concludes in the monthly popular science.

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