Did they summon her to kill her? They investigate the murder of a woman in Soledad | THE UNIVERSAL

Laura Vanessa Rodríguez Parejo so far becomes the fourth woman to be murdered so far in 2023 in the Department of Atlántico, but her death is a mystery because on the afternoon of Saturday, February 4, she left her residence in the neighborhood Los Almendros de Soledad and a few hours later she was found dead in another neighborhood of that municipality belonging to the metropolitan area of ​​Barranquilla.

Relatives of Laura Vanessa, 21 years old, said that on the afternoon of Saturday, February 4, she left her house located in the Los Almendros neighborhood. She did not say where she was going or where she was going, but there she left her two children, one 5 years old and the other 3 years old.

The family believed that she was doing some errand, but then the rumor reached her house that she had been murdered and through social networks they were able to see photos that it was Laura Vanessa. That Saturday afternoon she was found dead on Calle 32 with Carrera 6E, in the Renacer de Soledad neighborhood.

“We found out because a photo of her dead began to circulate on social networks,” a relative told the portal.

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One of the hypotheses that is handled is that the young woman would have been summoned by means of a telephone call and being in that place they proceeded to murder her.

The woman’s body was left lying on the public road and presented a gunshot wound to the head. Which caused his death. She was dressed in a red outfit.

Her relatives are unaware that she has had a problem with someone, but they asked the authorities to investigate to find the whereabouts of Laura Vanessa’s murderer, who becomes the fourth femicide that occurred in the Atlantic. Of the three above, two occurred in Barranquilla and another in the municipality of Galapa. It is the first in the month of February.