It’s the love rumor of summer so far: Canadian singer Justin Bieber (24, “Friends”) and US model
Hailey Baldwin (21) should have become engaged. At least, supporters suspect, since on Sunday photos of the blonde with an oversized diamond ring on his finger appeared. The shots were shot, circulating in social networks on a holiday together in the Bahamas.
In addition, the rumors were fueled by an Instagram post from
Justin Biebers father
Jeremy Bieber (43): To a photo of his son before a sunset by the sea he writes: “Pride is an understatement! Excited about the next chapter!” – Does he mean by the “next chapter” the future married life of his son?
And also the Twitter post of his mother Author Pattie Mallette (43) could be interpreted as a kind of affirmation. She just writes: “Love Love Love Love Love Love Love.”
On the Instagram -Accounts Baldwin and Bieber is currently no comment, let alone to find a confirmation. The two are supposed to be a couple again for a month. In early 2016, they had been together for a few weeks.


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