Did you know that Cantinflas was at the Huelva Film Festival?

The Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival surprised in 1985 with the presence of a very special guest: Mario Moreno Cantinflas. He attended the eleventh edition and today they are one of those memories that adorn the history of the Huelva contest.

It is, without a doubt, a milestone. That moment when he entered in the room of the Emperor Cinema. Today the memory comes motivated by the centenary of his birth. His was a presence that moved the city and especially the little ones. He spoke calmly, humanely, without haste. The children followed him very closely and he smiled. Cantinflas entered Huelva through the door of the honest gaze of the little ones who, enraptured, looked at him with admiration.

It was also held an act in the House of Culture in which Mario Moreno Cantinflas was the protagonist, it was time to talk about cinema, to offer his experience. He was introduced by the director, José Luis Ruiz, who, happy with the guest, assured that with the presence of Cantinflas at the Festival an old aspiration was fulfilled. Since the origins of the Ibero-American exhibition, the organizing committee already wanted him to be in Huelva and offer him their tribute.

One by one, the popular Mexican actor answered all the questions, trying to satisfy curiosity to get to know a man on the big screen who was a few meters from those gathered there. He confessed that he chose this profession “because I like it and because he saw that people were happy and laughed at what he did.” Along with this, the economic situation of his family was not very good and, therefore, “instead of studying, I got into show business.”

You had to know why Cantinflas and the question came from the lips of a little boy. “He is the product of a social revolution, the ‘peladito’, who did not have the opportunity to study, but who faces life. In addition, he is a very human character.” But there is his way of speaking, that of Cantinflas, which is very peculiar. Its protagonist did not hide it. Because “in all the strata they ‘cantinflea’ and that they do so as not to commit themselves”.

Spoke also of the profession and he was not very well at that time either. So he said: “It has changed a lotIt is different in every way, the claims that are made today are not those of my time, and even the social content of the films is different. Yeah, it was definitely more fun before “. Mario Moreno added that the actors of this new film wave are different from those of my time. However, despite everything, “I would like to say to those youth who work for, by or in the cinema, that they have interest and professionalism, characteristics necessary for the proper development and improvement of our beloved profession.” It was the first time I had visited the Ibero-American Film Festival and he did not hesitate to point out that “all of us, those of us who are interested in cinema as a culture, have to build a bridge between Latin America and Spain with a medium within our reach: cinema.”

Renowned characters from the film world such as the famous Charles Chaplin, expressed their admiration for Cantinflas’ work. Chaplin even tried to shoot a movie with the Aztec comedian but there were no results. “Cantinflas is the best comedian in the world,” he once pointed out. In Huelva he assured that in his work he had not taken anything from Charles Chaplin, because at the beginning “I hardly knew anything about him, then we met, but we took two opposite paths, since Charlot was pessimistic and Cantinflas, optimist.”

Fortino Mario Alfonso Moreno Reyes ‘Cantinflas’, Mexican comic actor stood out in marquees (itinerant variety theaters), theater and cinema, he was born on August 12, 1911, the day of Santa Clara and San Fortino Mártir, Mario Moreno saw the light in the sixth street of Santa María la Redonda 182.

As a child he was very restless and friendly, according to his schoolmates. There are no certificates of his secondary studies, nor testimonies of his fleeting passage through the National School of Agriculture, in Chapingo. At the age of 16, Mario voluntarily joined the 27th battalion of the 3rd Company, falsely declaring that he was 21 years old. From here he looked for a job and fame possibility in professional boxing, but he soon left. In 1934 he married actress Valentina Ivanova. In 1940 he founded the Posa Film production company together with Jacques Gelman and Santiago Riachi. His first film was shot in 1936 although it will be four years later when he reaches fame with the film There is the detail. Member of the Actors Union, he had several charitable actions such as the Actor’s House or a social habitat for the poor. Over half a century, Mario Moreno shot just over 50 films and participated as a writer in six of them.

Cantinflas became famous for his verbiage, which threw out countless words devoid of meaning. A master of evasions and of not committing himself to trials, while making harsh criticisms, mistakes and abuses of politicians and governors of the moment of Mexico. So characteristic and popular was this condition of the comic and charismatic character that even his name, and all its derivatives, have been taken by the dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language around the verb ‘Cantinflear’: “To speak in a nonsensical and incongruous way and without saying anything “.