Did you know that we can grow ginger here in Côte-d’Or?

Mathieu Lotz from the Potager des Ducs set up in urban gardening in Dijon in 2018. He offers seasonal vegetables and quite a few old varieties full of taste and flavor.

Mathieu has also embarked on the cultivation of small shoots that give color and pep to all dishes, from salad to dessert.

Small sprouted seeds
Small sprouted seeds © Getty

At the Potager des Ducs we also like to make new experiences and try to grow things that we do not necessarily expect. Ginger for example, or turmeric … two root crops that are good for health and that are generally found in countries of Asia or South America.

And the good news is, it works!

Ginger and turmeric côte-d'oriens
Ginger and turmeric côte-d’oriens © Radio France
Florece in French

These two roots have been around for a long time but they are consumed more and more in our countries and they are featured in many recipes. Even if they do not become as gigantic as in warmer countries, they seem to be popular with us and if for the moment the Potager des Ducs does not sell to individuals, you too can try to grow them!

Mathieu works with a lot of restaurateurs and grocery stores like Au Gramme Près, avenue du Drapeau in Dijon. If you listen to the show again, you’ll see that Valentin and his customers love Mathieu’s products.

A young market gardener who is very busy but who takes the time to go and have one or two restaurants. He wanted to recommend three Dijon establishments: Beetroot, rue Lamonoye, la Menuiserie, rue des Godrans and l’Essentiel, rue Audra.

You call us every morning in Côté Saveurs to give us your recipes but also to share your good addresses. Nathalie de Chevigny Saint Sauveur told us all the good things about the Ferme du Château in Chevigny, where she buys her vegetables and other products from small local producers.