Did you miss the blood moon? Here the best images

If you are a fan of astrological phenomena, surely you could appreciate the lunar eclipse this morning that was seen in North America, Africa, Europe and South America; if you were very distracted and fell asleep early or you forgot to look at the sky, don’t worry, here we have the best pictures so that in the next lunar event you are very attentive and do not forget to observe the sky, and manage to capture the best photos and show them off on your social networks.

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If you live in the north of the country, that means that you had a privileged place to capture the moon in a better position. In this area it was observed in a clearer and lower way. The states in which the eclipse was best seen were: Chihuahua, Sonora, Sinaloa, Durango and the Baja California peninsula.

But before going to the photographs, let’s recount why the moon turns red and gives that perspective as if bathed in blood.

What is a lunar eclipse?

Specialists point out that the color and the feeling that the moon seems to be bleeding is due to the incidence of light on the surface of the moon. This phenomenon occurs when the Earth stands between the Sun and the Moon, which results in a few partial or total eclipses, depending on the light that illuminates the natural satellite.

In this case a shadow is generated on the moon. Celestial bodies interact with each other, and give that red color product of the sun’s radiation; that is why the moon turns red and is called Lunar Eclipse or Blood Moon.

But, in case science is not enough to describe this phenomenon, our ancestors also had one or another meaning to make spiritual predictions, that make this astronomical event even more interesting.

Liberation: spiritual message

For astrology these natural phenomena mean many emotional changes; in this case, the moon settles in the sign of scorpiowhich represents profound changes and transformations that can lead to drastic changes and solutions.

For the Mayans, the lunar eclipse also represented a portal opening that was associated with the purification and connection with the interior.

Now we do share the following photo session that our colleague, William Hernandez, made it easy for us. We want you to start your week with lots of lunar dust, and that serve as a reminder not to miss the next lunar eclipse.

Photo: Guillermo Hernandez

Eclipse lunar mayo
Photo: Guillermo Hernandez

If you were one of the lucky ones you woke up clicking and captured the best angles of the moon With your cell phone or your camera, send your best shots to our social networks. Remember that if you missed the Blood Moon this morning, don’t worry, you will have 8 more opportunities to witness one of the most beautiful astronomical phenomena that you can see in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Here we make you a list so you don’t miss it and be warned in the next lunar event.

Eclipse lunar 2022:

Crescent Moon: May 9

Full Moon: May 16

Waning Moon: May 22

New Moon: May 30

Without a doubt, the astronomical phenomena are not only a visual and contemplative spectacle; They also give rise to considering these events as something spiritual, a pretext or opportunity to take a break from our hectic lives, and reflect on our fears or frustrations in order to purify energy, or simply enjoy with family. a completely free and very revitalizing event.

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