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“Did you run away to only go 900m in a year?”… British man finds pet turtle again

by archyw

picture explanation[사진출처 = 연합뉴스]

A pet tortoise kept at home was found 900 meters away one year after running away and returned to its owner’s arms.

The New York Post reported on the 19th (local time) that Susie Thomas and Linda Rogers of Wiltshire, southern England, found a turtle while taking a walk, gave it water and food, took care of it, and found the owner through Facebook.

Thomas said, “I asked people who contacted me through Facebook what the pet turtle looks like, and I also checked the photos.” “Through this process, I found the owner.”

It turned out that the name of the pet turtle, which returned to its owner after a year, was ‘Maxi’.

According to the owner, Maxi left the house in August last year after crossing the 30cm high fence installed in the house. And Maxi was found in a field 900 meters from the house. In a year, Maxi didn’t even go 1km. If you do a simple calculation, it means that you are moving at a speed of 11 centimeters per hour.

“I found Maxi while walking,” said Thomas. “If it was harvest time, the tortoise might have died on the tractor.”

The reason Maxi played a decisive role in finding the owner was because he had an identification chip implanted in his head.

The owner said, “I don’t know how Maxi escaped.” “I almost lost hope, but I can’t believe I’m seeing you again,” he said.

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