Did you take off your mask? Russian woman naturalized by Ukraine changed the rhetoric about the war

Russian woman Olga Abramova, naturalized by Ukraine, who was expelled from our team due to her departure to her small homeland after the start of a full-scale military invasion of the Russian Federation, created a new information source.

On Olga Podchufarova’s Instagram page, Abramova liked the post of a former teammate about a friend who decided to voluntarily be buried.

“Only Olga Abramova, who liked it as a citizen of Ukraine, is more absurd than the content of this post,” one of the users expressed bewilderment.

Abramova, apparently without thinking twice, answered him: “I admire those who volunteer. And how are you, voluntarily or are you waiting for a summons?

Soon, when the reaction of a Ukrainian citizen went viral on the Internet, Abramova suddenly stated that she could be misunderstood.

“People, it was sarcasm, I didn’t take the word admire in quotation marks. I am not changing my position. I think that consciously and voluntarily going to war is a huge mistake. I don’t support!!!” – Abramova wrote in Instagram stories.