Didn’t Sylvester Stallone have an overdose with his firstborn son? This was revealed in Sage’s autopsy report

Sage Stallone lost her life at a tragically young age, just 36 years old – there is still a lot of mystery around her death to this day, but relatively much can be learned from her autopsy report about what could have caused the talented man to be lost.

The actor was passionate about it

Sylvester Stallone will be 76 in July, and the actor has already experienced a lot in both his career and his private life during this time. The success of his career may not need to be detailed, as everyone probably knows at least one popular Stallone movie, and most people are aware of how much of a star Sylvester is in the ranks of Hollywood, but relatively few already have significant information about his family. Stallone was married three times in his life: his first wife was Sasha, from whom his two sons, Sage and Seargeoh, were born – eventually the couple broke up in 1985, and the actor married model Brigitte Nielsen a year later, who is said to have been with Sasha. he also had an affair during his covenant. This marriage lasted just two years, followed by another model, Jennifer Flavin, with whom she is still in a happy relationship and raising their three wonderful daughters together. Yes, but as mentioned earlier, the actor had two sons from his first covenant, Sage and Seargeoh: the former was the firstborn child of Stallone, so understandably the movie star was passionate about him, but he no longer had such a good relationship with the latter. Seargeoh had seen the light of day as autistic, and because of his illness, Stallone had never been able to get really close to him, so he had always neglected him. Sage, on the other hand, received everything from her father: love, care, and support, and the latter helped her to follow in her father’s footsteps. However, Sage was only 36 years old: the young talent was found dead in his home in 2012, and his death shocked the whole world – especially the tragic case that shook his son to this day. And what exactly happened? Well, there are many theories about Sage’s death, the most common theory being that the man has overdosed, but his autopsy report reveals something else…

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