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Die Linke Würzburg Mainfranken elects a new board

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The Würzburg and Kitzingen district associations of the Die Linke party merge. The new district association Die Linke Würzburg Mainfranken now includes the city of Würzburg and the districts of Würzburg, Main-Spessart and Kitzingen. A new, joint board was elected. The early board elections were necessary so that the Kitzingen comrades could find themselves on the board.

Dominik Kuzmek, previously co-chairman of Simone Barrientos, reported on the work done, the successes and the goals of the local left, writes the Die Linke Kreisverband Würzburg Mainfranken in a press release. After having succeeded in moving into the Würzburg City Council with three seats and the Würzburg District Council with two seats, it is now a matter of at least achieving the good result for the 2017 federal election again. In concrete terms, this means that Simone Barrientos should move back into the Bundestag. Barrientos is optimistic: ?? We are much more visible in Bavaria than we were in 2017 thanks to the many municipal mandates we have won. The left is needed. We are the only party for which justice is consistently the benchmark.

Simone Barrientos and Dominik Kuzmek were re-elected to the new district board as spokespersons. Dmitry Nekhoroshkov was also confirmed in office as treasurer. The assessors are Anna-Maria Dürr, Romina Gulyas, Sabine Schmidt (Kitzingen), Otto Meixner and Wolfgang Tast.

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