MEXICO – The Rayados de Monterrey coach, the Uruguayan Diego Alonso, expressed his confidence that this Wednesday they will be crowned in the Copa MX Apertura 2018 and highlighted the performance of the young people of Monterrey. "Every time a tournament starts, we have the illusion of winning it, it's a joy to reach this final; In the first tournament, reaching the final fills us with pride, it will be a difficult game, against a rival that makes a great Cup and League, "he said.

During the press conference held in the call Media Day, the helmsman said that the Monterrey team has given the seriousness due to the tournament, so they will take the same way in the last instance to try to get the championship.

"We have given a huge seriousness to the Cup, we are going to give it a lot of seriousness tomorrow and we have an illusion of making a great match and crowning ourselves, we have a great respect against the opponent, it will not be easy, but we have prepared and we are pleased to be here, we will give the best of ourselves and we will try to achieve by all means the triumph ", he added.

On the performance of the youngsters, the Uruguayan said that fortunately they have responded with good performances within the field of play and that those who are Blue Cross continue in the same direction.

"We are happy with how they have behaved in defining sets, important matches and we have also used them for the losses of the squad, they have behaved excellently and they have understood the philosophy, they have not weighed the shirt, we are proud and tomorrow is an important opportunity to say present, "he added.



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