Diego Bertie Instagram Viral: His niece breaks her silence after being confused with her daughter: it is such a strong pain, photos

Daniella Bertie is the niece of Diego Bertie, who appeared outside the apartment of the renowned national actor the day it was revealed that he died after falling from the 14th floor. In the confusion, the media and press thought it was his daughter. , but she clarified on social networks that she is not Aissa.

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Five days after Diego Bertie’s death, he decided to speak out on his Instagram account with a statement thanking the shows of affection after this hard loss. “The love they have made us feel is incredible,” he said.

Then he referred to his cousin Aissa Bertie, daughter of Diego Bertie, who is going through a difficult time having to assimilate the death of her father. That is why she asked for respect for the mourning of the whole family.

“But this time I ask, please, that the duel we are going through be respected, that my cousin, my family, and all the loved ones who have lost Diego be respected,” he added.

Likewise, she denounced that she is receiving negative comments of hate due to the confusion that was generated by thinking that she was Diego’s daughter. I would like to be strong enough not to be affected by the painful comments I receive or read, but I am not. I only ask that they allow us to go through this severe pain and find resignation and peace, ”she sentenced.