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Nasville .- His 167 centimeters tall, which caused the mockery of the American defender Matt Miazga, and that face that still shows traces of acne, make him look like a child who plays to be great, but Diego Lainez is serious.

After being a first-time starter with the Mexican national team at a senior level, the new consensual boy of national football warns that his 18-year-old is not a reason to stop him from being a starter in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

"I'm going to work for that. It's what I have in my mind, "he says. "I know I'm very young, but I'm going to fight for a place in the World Cup, which is the dream for any footballer."

The Tabasco is one of the banners of the new generation in Mexican football, the one that seeks to change the face of the Tricolor, who has been left out in the last eight in the most recent seven editions of the World Cup.

Nothing new.

Diego knows that his biggest chance will come for the contest that Mexico, the United States and Canada will host in 2026, but nobody can ban him with dreaming of being an important part of the national representative in the Middle East. At the end of the day, he already took the first two steps: debut and start a game of green.

"[Me siento] Very well, glad that I am being taken into account, "says the boy, who is still impressed by the camera lights and microphones. "[Continuaré] doing things well and continuing on that path, I'll try to do it. "

For what will be basic to maintain the level shown in the Americas, where he has to take hold in the ownership so that Ricardo Ferretti will call him for the following duels of preparation: Thursday October 11, against Costa Rica in Monterrey, and Tuesday 16 of October, against Chile in Querétaro.

For now, Lainez treasures the baggage left by the clashes with Uruguay and the United States.

"They serve a lot. I am young, but this is a great experience and I hope they continue adding, "he acknowledges. "It was wonderful to be on this tour, the goal is to stay in the group for those that follow."

There is nothing that has bothered him, not even the controversial episode with Miazga, who sought to do less and intimidate him on the lawn of the Nissan stadium.

With maturity, Diego considers that it is "something that happens in football, friction … It does not go beyond. It's totally normal. "

So there is no grudge against the American back row. In the end, he is convinced that they will meet again in the future, because he plans to stay in the Tricolor for several years and his first large-scale, as he has planned, will be during the Qatar World Cup 2022.



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