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Almost a year after his departure, the death of Diego Armando Maradona It has not ceased to be news, either because of the context in which his death occurred, his state of health, the inheritance he left or his relationships. However, this time unknown details have come to light that shed even more light on the figure of ‘Pelusa’, such as those revealed by the doctor and journalist Nelson Castro, who assures that the ’10’ is buried without a heart.

In an interview for ‘Lunch with Mirtha Legrand’ of the channel ‘El Trece’, Nelson Castro spoke about his book ‘Diego’s health: the true story’, in which he tells different passages about the death of the Argentine star on the 25th November 2020.

Is it true that Diego Armando Maradona was buried without his heart?”, Juana Viale asked Nelson Castro in ‘Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand’.

There was a group of Gymnastics brave bars that planned to break in and extract (Maradona’s) heart. That did not come to fruition because it was an act of enormous audacity. It was detected that this was going to happen so his heart was also extracted to study it because his heart was very important in determining the cause of Maradona’s death. Obviously the information is that he is buried without a heart”, Revealed the doctor.

In addition, Dr. Nelson Castro explained that “Maradona’s heart weighed a pound, it was a very big heart. He usually weighs 300 grams, even though he had a sportsman’s heart, which is a big heart. But he had it big for something else, not only for being an athlete but for the heart failure he had”.

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Maradona’s addictions

As for the greetings of Diego Armando, the doctor highlights that the Argentine star “had a privileged body in terms of its resistance”. “As the dilated heart doctor said, other people would have died. The problem is, he never wanted to make a sustained recovery”, He assures.

Although Castro also points out that the ‘Pelusa’ “sadly, he had an addictive component to everything that was destructive to him. Maradona was addicted to everything”.

Nelson Castro has carried out a laborious investigation in which he has been able to access “all the medical sources that had to see Diego“, And maintains that”he started taking drugs in Boca”As the record of Alfredo Cahe, his third personal physician, shows. Sex was also among his addictions.

The author confesses that when you finish the book you feel sorry, because you see that Maradona needed to feel loved” but “He was the center of the world, a volatile person, and that led him to a life of excess”.

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