The Deer say goodbye to the Opening with another defeat

There was an hour left for the match and the tiered area behind the visiting bench was atypically populated. Everything to see, or try to see, Diego Armando Maradona.

In the field, the Deer FC Yucatan fell by the minimum before the Dorados of Sinaloa, on the date 14 of the Opening 2018 of Ascenso MX. That happened in the background. There is no doubt: the Olympic Stadium "Carlos Iturralde Rivero" received last night the largest luminary in its history.

He rarely stepped on the court, but the presence of "Diego" resulted in the best attendance of the season. They covered three quarters of the capacity, with the majority looking for a space in the stands behind the benches.

Walking quietly out of necessity -they said days ago that the knee should be operated- and living as little as possible. Photo requests, hundreds. He agreed a few times and always with children and with his compatriots of the Deer. Alexis Blanco and Leandro Navarro took turns to take the memory with the coach of the Dorados, who raised a serious and competitive game in the face of the league, a place where they only dreamed of being before the arrival of the Argentine.

The "10" greeted the fans who cheered at all times and intoned an audible "oe, oe, oe, oe, Diego, Diego", which the pampero thanked with his hand in his slow walk.

There were very few occasions when Maradona left his technical area. With Luis Islas as his trusted assistant, Diego only managed to give some indications to his goalkeeper and few screams, most of the times simply raised and not near the line of lime.

Diego, with the team

It exploded, in a good way, only when he celebrated the goal of Fernando Arce, who arrived on a corner kick. Personal congratulation Maradona, who stuck a pique at his pace to shake the son of the exseleccionado Mexican.

Arce himself had commented during the week that he has become a better player since the arrival of the Argentine to the bench. He has more goals and last night he showed it to the 9,754 fans.

The good that is happening Maradona in sports is reflected in his personality. After throwing a kiss to Rocío Oliva, his girlfriend, who was next to the press box, danced with her hands and went into the tunnel.

On the part of the deer there is little to add. They did not work with Marioni and neither are they doing with Joel Sánchez. They are last of the percentage and the fire of the descent hell lurks with much danger.

Maradona left and took all three points. At the press conference, I did not know if he was already in the league. And yes, Diego fell mouths, at least for now. "They said he was coming on vacation … And look, what a vacation." – Miguel Ángel Calderón López

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