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Diet 16: 8 .. Weight loss efforts less

"There is no doubt that every person who suffers from excess fat and excess kilograms wants to get rid of it quickly," wrote Cynthia Awwad in the republic. To achieve this, he may use many diets to detect the response of his body to each and choose the best among them. But the talk is finally rumored about the intermittent diet of fasting (16: 8). What is specific and is it secure and the content of the results?

Intermittent fasting has gained considerable attention in recent years as a way to lose weight and feel better overall. All kinds of this form of fasting are based on one concept: eating during a certain period of the day, and abstaining from any food during the remaining hours except drinking water.

"Diet 16: 8 is one of the most common intermittent fasts among people who want to be free of excess weight and high fat burning," nutrition specialist Abeer Abu Rajaili told Al-Gomhouria. Symbolizes the period during which it is permitted to eat, while the second is fasting, ie, it is permitted to eat within 8 hours of the day, while fasting for 16 hours, which can be repeated in a regular manner, once or twice a week or even daily over a period of time Specific depending on diet. "

"While many diets are famous for their harsh and restrictive rules and deprive a person of many foods, the 16: 8 diet allows the owner to eat what he wants during the eight hours, so it is more flexible and easier and delivers remarkable results with less effort," she said.

Her role in the world of fitness
As for her role in the world of fitness, Abu Rajaili referred to the scientific studies conducted in this regard, most notably what was recently published in the magazine "Nutrition and Healthy Aging," where researchers followed 23 adults, our children ate from 10 am to 6 pm for 12 weeks, and found They consumed 350 calories less a day than the controlled group. As well as they lost a few kilograms and dropped their systolic blood pressure. It seems that stopping eating for longer periods causes the body to burn fat and reduce high blood sugar. The availability of these two factors means lower and lower blood sugar levels, which causes the person to feel more hungry. Not to mention that restricting eating for a certain time controls the appetite by lowering the hunger hormone "ghrelin".

"There is another reason why people who follow a diet of 16: 8 eat less food, and they usually find it difficult to get all the usual snacks and snacks within 8 hours, which eventually contributes to the elimination of certain dishes or the reduction of the ration. That a 16: 8 diet can control blood sugar, improve brain function, and positively affect longevity. "

The origins of their application
But how can you start the intermittent fast food 16: 8? She explained that "8 hours is required during the day to eat, and the rest of the day is to refrain from eating completely and just drink water." To facilitate its application, many people prefer to start eating at 12 noon to 8 pm, thus fasting only during the evening When you go to bed, you can have lunch, dinner and certain portions of snacks, while others may prefer to eat between 9am and 5pm, and get breakfast, lunch, light snacks and dinner at 4pm. A person can choose 8 hours in a way that suits n I of his life. "

However, Abu Rujaili warned that "the period of eating should not be dominated by random behaviors." People who follow this diet, eat too much and eat fast food and high calorie, will never achieve the desired results, and even more dangerous that they may expose their health to very serious problems.

"Even when you eat within 8 hours, you should pay attention to the types of foods you choose, be careful not to overestimate your total calories, and make sure you consume several healthy meals during the day to keep your blood sugar stable and to avoid hunger during fasting. It is essential to focus on healthy foods full of various nutrients, and to diversify in all varieties such as fruits (apples, bananas, and mulberries), vegetables (broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, green leaflets), whole wheat (quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal) Good (olive oil, avoca), proteins (chest Chicken, beef, fish, and eggs.) For drinks, focus primarily on water, at least 1.5 liters per day, and allow non-local coffee and tea, which is completely free from creams and other additives. "

Finally, Abu Rujaili stressed that "intermittent fasting is not suitable for all, and therefore should not follow the diet 16: 8 in the case of the use of insulin, or suffering from a particular food disorder, pregnancy or planning to have children.You should consult your doctor and nutrition specialist always before the start of any type Of food systems. "


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