Dietmar Schultz writes a Corona song for the women’s choir “Good Vibes”: You don’t stop. . . – Steinfurt

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The singers of the Borghorster women’s choir “Good Vibes”, like their conductor, don’t let themselves get down. They are also not allowed to. Because what is the name of the song that has now gone viral on the video platform Youtube? “One thing we don’t do, we don’t stop.”

It was the 90th birthday of the mother of a musician friend that showed the 59-year-old Mesumer by choice the whole drama of the pandemic: “We weren’t allowed to congratulate her personally in the old people’s home. So we serenaded her outside, she was allowed to listen on the terrace. ”In the lyrics of the song, Schultz has the scene processed as follows: “All the people in the homes who just cry from loneliness.”

Then there was the evening with a glass of red wine, lots of scribbled notes that flew around the studio and living room for days and were then written down to “We don’t stop”.

The idea that was born in the summer to rehearse the Corona song with all the “good vibes” has remained a dream that has not yet come to an end. “We’ll do it after the pandemic,” says Dietmar Schultz, looking forward to the rehearsals. But the song already fulfills its purpose: it gives courage.

First and foremost the choir members. Dietmar Schultz is convinced that “you have something that welds you together”. Good Vibes chairman Elise Werner agrees with the conductor: “The song is hope and confidence that we will see each other again soon and that we will go into the future of the choir with vigor.” Which is not a matter of course, as Dietmar Schultz knows from his own experience: “ There are already many choirs that have given up. ”However, he does not see this danger with the first women’s choir in Borghorst:“ They stick together. ”Not least because of a lot of small things and nice things. For example, there is always an email from the board at the rehearsal dates in Corona times to remind people of the common concern and hobby.

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Back to the song. As quickly as Dietmar Schultz “We don’t stop” had flowed from the pen, the fine-tuning took as long. The studio recordings, the appropriate music, the video – it was only possible to upload it to YouTube shortly before Easter – and has now over 1400 clicks. “Although it doesn’t really matter to us,” emphasizes the composer. “We all have to stay tuned.” What does the song say about this? “All choirs sing, the singing enlivens the world.” Dietmar Schultz does everything possible to achieve this tension, which Corona must not destroy: “Rediscover old worlds, the music breaks all chains.”



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