Dieuze. The night at the bar ends in a general brawl

For the moment, no one yet knows what prompted the great outburst of violence that tarnished the end of the evening at the Place à Dieuze bar, on the night from Saturday to Sunday. Without a doubt, someone has committed the imprudence of launching a debate on the time change …

Still, around 2 a.m. on Sunday morning, for some still undetermined reason, the spirits were heated. A general fight broke out in the bar called “Blue Bar”, against a background of overconsumption of alcohol. In total, about twenty belligerents were counted. And everyone took their part: customers, members of the bar, soldiers serving in the region… Everyone without distinction began to hit their neighbor.

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A man in custody

A beautiful mess that has earned the gendarmes the need to intervene to calm all these overexcited little world. The Dieuze firefighters also came to the site. Because, in this drunken brawl, few people were really affected. Except one. Aged in his thirties, he was severely cut on the cheek by, obviously, a shard of glass. He was transported to the Nancy University Hospital to be stitched up.

The alleged perpetrator of the blow that caused this injury was obviously identified and was taken into police custody. It is about a man of about fifty years.

An investigation, led by the gendarmes of the community of brigades (Cob) of Dieuze, was launched. It promises to be long and tedious, and will have to determine with precision who did what and the reasons which led to this brawl.