difficult return to cultural places, “There is a loss of habit. That’s what we fear”

Culture is hit hard. On Wednesday, October 27, 2021, a study on attendance at cultural places was published by the Ministry of Culture. Performing arts would be the most impacted. In Lorraine, the sector is worried about the resumption of activity.

The French have not resumed the path of cultural places. This is what reveals the Harris Interactive study, published Wednesday, October 27, 2021 by the Ministry of Culture. In total, 3,025 individuals were interviewed. The survey focuses on their behavior in terms of cultural outings. It was carried out from August 31 to September 3, 2021.

According to the study, one in two French people have not been to a cultural place since the introduction of the health pass on July 21. They were 88% to do so before the epidemic. 1/3 of respondents assure that they will attend cultural establishments less from now on.

There is a loss of habit. This is what we fear

Hélène Lantz, production manager for Tout va Bien.

Among the sectors most affected: cinemas, museums and theaters. In detail, 51% of people, who went to the cinema at least once a year, returned on July 21. The finding is more alarming for theater lovers. Only 25% of them returned.

“There is a loss of habit. This is what we fear”, says Hélène Lantz, production manager for Tout va Bien. In 2018, the Nancy theater group launched the Mue du lotus troupe. It is made up of 12 actors with disabilities.

Overloaded programmers

“The theaters are filled to a third of their capacity. It’s very unsettling.”, says Hélène Lantz. The collective is even confronted with “The traffic jam in theaters. The programmers already have full seasons”.

“There is a reluctance. I feel this reluctance among my clients, such as town halls and cultural centers. My phone no longer rings. The only concerts I have are leftovers from 2019”, details Loris Mancini, manager of the Régie Lorraine de Spectacles. The company is based in Villerupt, in Meurthe-et-Moselle.

Since 1979, he has offered artists to municipalities. Several concerts by Pierre Perret have been postponed in Woustviller, in Moselle. Residents will have to wait until March 5, 2022.

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Adapt to the crisis

According to the ministry’s survey, 52% of respondents say they avoid confined spaces. Philippe Brunella is director of the Cour d’Or museum in Metz. He says this study is not representative. Each year, around 6,000 visitors visit the establishment. A stable number for the 2020-2021 edition.

Last year, the Eurometropolis of Metz made free admission to cultural places. A boon for the director of the museum who also notes a “very clear increase in attendance from the introduction of the health pass”.

“It is especially the spectacle which suffers a lot. The Opera-Theater of Metz had up to 40% of losses. It is considerable”, details Philippe Brunella. “We must restore confidence. The state must explain that there are no dangers”.

As a reminder, the Ministry of Culture announced aid of 400 million euros to support the sector.