Digital change in the company: 4 essential tips

Terms such as digitization, digital change and digital transformation are on everyone’s lips. Companies increasingly see themselves with one increasing demand for digital tools and processes confronted and must act. But there are a few things to consider so that the digital change in the company is really successful.

1. Recognize the needs and potential of digital transformation

The first step in making a digital change is recognizing the need and the potential for digitization (opens in new tab). Because the digitization trend does not always make sense. Companies must carefully and individually consider where and how to make the change. The following questions are central:

  • How can digitization improve my products and services?
  • Where does a lack of digitization lead to efficiency losses?
  • Which processes can be automated?
  • What digital tools are the competition using?

Digital transformation usually happens many different levels and in different areas. Starting with a location-independent infrastructure for employees through digital e-commerce fulfillment (opens in new tab) to artificial intelligence in production – digitization has numerous facets.

Digital transformation offers a lot of potential in a wide variety of areas (© Skribble). (Image credit: Skribble)

Well-executed and sensibly used digitalization can do this many advantages bring, for example:

  • higher efficiency
  • simplified processes
  • more flexibility
  • better customer orientation
  • more individual products and services
  • competitive advantages
  • new business models

2. Develop a digitization strategy

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