Digital divide, sick justice, preserving the Mediterranean: vote to choose the next investigation file

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It’s up to you to choose the theme for the next dossier of the month! Take part in the vote to decide between the following 3 subjects: digital, how to avoid the big dropout, what treatment to treat sick justice and how to preserve the health of the Mediterranean?

Here are the synopses of these three subjects.

Digital: how to avoid the big dropout?

Checkouts without humans, chat bots, dematerialization of administrative life… In businesses and public services, what place should be given to digital technology and artificial intelligence without dehumanizing our society, without excluding citizens less seasoned with technology? While half of those aged 75 or over do not have access to the Internet, like 34% of people without a diploma or holders of a primary school certificate (CEP), not knowing how to use digital resources represents a real handicap.
Faced with the risk of increasing the vulnerabilities of the most vulnerable, what levers can be activated?
How to reduce, at all ages, material inequalities, ensure continuous training for all? What solutions should be explored to avoid the big dropout?

What treatment to cure a sick justice?

In a question posed to the Senate last March, Senator Brigitte Lherbier drew up a worrying assessment: “France thus has 3 prosecutors per 100,000 inhabitants compared to 12 on average at European level and 11 judges compared to 21 on average. Only 50 magistrate posts should however be created this year”.
Cases piling up, ever longer processing times, loss of confidence among citizens, to the point, moreover, that some of them do not hesitate to take the law into their own hands, the difficulties are piling up. How can justice be allowed to do its job properly? And for litigants to regain faith in this institution? While the Keeper of the Seals has just announced a reform in favor of the disgorgement of justice, what realities and room for maneuver on the ground in the courts of the Riviera and Var? We have a month to investigate.

How to preserve the health of the Mediterranean?

Threatened by climate change, marked by a summer that saw water temperatures rise, polluted by human activity, the Mediterranean is suffering. In just 15 years, surface water temperature has increased by 1°C and acidity by 13%.
These extremely rapid changes have consequences for ecosystems. Gorgonians and corals are at the forefront of this rise in temperature. Just like the Posidonia which produce oxygen. How to better protect the Mediterranean? In France and on other shores, what actions should be implemented?

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