Launched in 2004, the shared medical file was relaunched on Tuesday by the government and Medicare. Health Minister Agnès Buzyn remains cautious and attentive to the failures of her predecessors.

Mistrust and skepticism are the least evocation of the shared medical record (DMP). And for good reason: for fifteen years, all governments, right and left, who wanted to put it in place, have broken their teeth. By making promises that they did not keep. A bitter failure that cost half a billion euros and can be explained by years of squabbling lobbies, banned for administrative reasons, political management and the effects of ads.

Launched in 2004 by Philippe Douste-Blazy, Minister of Health, the personal medical file was to mesh all the patients and the health system in 2007. "This new tool will make it possible to realize 3.5 billion euros of economy per year to Medicare, "said Minister Raffarin.

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Xavier Bertrand, who will succeed him Avenue de Segur in 2005, will also pronounce a sentence remained in the …



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