Digital payment services are susceptible to fraud


Scammers usually take advantage of services to make payments such as Venmo Y Apple Cash They don't protect consumers the same way credit cards would, experts say. The newer the service, the more likely it is that a scammer will take advantage of it.

With credit cards, a federal law in U.S It limits the client's responsibility by 50 dollars and most companies do not even hold him responsible. Debit cards usually offer similar protections if fraud is reported immediately. In addition, banks perform a series of checks before allowing someone to open an account.

Digital services work more as cash. When there is a fraud, it is as if someone left with your $ 20 bill.

These services are not attached to the same regulations as credit or debit cards. It is up to the companies to protect themselves.

"The regulations have not been updated for the capabilities of this technology," he said. Krista Tedder, director of fraud management at the consultancy Javelin Strategy & Research.

Experts point out that Western Union, which offered money transfers long before there were smartphones, has a team dedicated to monitoring and validating transactions. Tedder said that even Western Union calls a customer if something looks suspicious.

"They really address each transaction as if it were a potential risk," Tedder said.

PayPal Offers refunds if damaged or fake items are sent, but does not cover digital money transfers.

The most recent, including Apple CashThey still find out how to deal with fraud, experts say. Others, such as the digital currency proposed by Facebook, pound, they are in perspective.

"These payment systems could come with a big warning stating that you are not protected," he said. Avitan Litananalyst at Gartner. "I never use them because I know all the risks."

Related Notes:

The extent of fraud is unknown. He United States Department of Justice He found that only 15% of all victims report them. The FBI said that, although it is not clear why so few people report them, many of the complaints they receive show that the victims are ashamed or worried that their family will be devastated.

Tedder said that if more people reported fraud, he would better inform the agencies in charge of monitoring and, in return, they would create solutions and laws for these types of crimes.


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