Dijon. A mysterious stranger helps an octogenarian

Monday 1is February, in the afternoon, Claude Loiodice, 80, is walking with two of his friends in the Drapeau park, located in the avenue of the same name, when, suddenly, she collapses. His walking companions immediately called for help. A man, who saw the woman fall, rushes and begins a cardiac massage which he will practice until the arrival of the firefighters, before leaving, discreetly.

“Great teams”

Two hours later, his daughter Laurence is at his bedside, in the intensive care unit of the Dijon University Hospital. The diagnosis falls, it’s a heart attack. “My mother is an active person. She has the risk factors associated with age, but no more than that, ”she explains, still upset by the events that have followed one another.

“The medical teams were really great and gave us great support, but without this man she wouldn’t be here! “

A happy outcome

Today, Claude is doing the best he can and is recovering quietly; she is still hospitalized and tired, but on Friday she was able to spend a few moments in her chair. The doctors are clear: the rapid intervention of this man was decisive. This wonderful, saving gesture, Laurence Loiodice is not about to forget; he encourages them to send out this message: “In this type of situation, do not hesitate to intervene: speed is essential. “And to invite to consult” the applications which allow to be effective quickly *. “

A call to find him

A call was launched on Facebook to find the “anonymous savior”. “I wanted him to know that mom is doing well because of him and that I thank him very much. My message has been relayed over 6,000 times. I was touched by this chain of solidarity. So much kindness, it feels so good! », Confides the daughter of Claude Loiodice, who hopes to be contacted in return by the one to whom she feels so owed, while no member of her family has yet had the opportunity to express to her, in person, all his gratitude.

* The main applications that can help save lives are SAUV Life, Staying Alive, Permis to save or The App that saves from The Red Cross.


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