DIJON: A Zenith, the Stade de France and a new clip for Sara Wenn

After a first part at the Zénith de Dijon last spring, the Stade de France with Rockin’1000 in May, the singer from Dijon has just released a clip shot with children, at Mont Afrique, for the title “L’Enfant terrien”

“If someone had told me one day, Sara, in 2022, you will do a Zénith and you will sing at the Stade de France, honestly I would not have believed it, especially in the same year”. It is a happy singer that we met. Sara Ween, thatInfos-Dijon has been following for many years, is still in its little cloud of happiness. Her eyes shine when she tells us about her start of the year.

Sarah Wenn : “The Zénith in Dijon was wouhaouuuu! and impressive of course. You know the first parts of shows are not always obvious for the artists, but there, I felt the public listening to my songs for 20 minutes. A feeling also shared by the staff of the Back To Basic team whose troupe gathered on the Zenith stage in Dijon, in particular Larusso, the L5s or even Yannick.

Selected to sing at the Stade de France on May 14

“I was selected to join a great rock band, Rockin’1000. In fact I sang with 1038 musicians and singers at the Stade de France. We had three days of intense rehearsals. Honestly it was real work, but so huge. I made great musical encounters and also met artists at rehearsals and who were also on stage on D-Day, such as Telephone drummer Richard Kolinka or Matthieu Chedid. We were the singers of this concert alongside hundreds of guitars and other drums. For M, we were the voice of Vanessa Paradis for the song, La Seine. Philippe Maneuver was also extremely benevolent. He was the host of this concert. And then of course there was the inevitable Jack Lang.

Entering the Stade de France, a magical moment

“When we wait in the corridors of the Stade de France, I can tell you that it’s a bit scary and at the same time very exciting. And then we are announced. The singers of Rockin’1000 are entering the Stade de France. And when you walk the field in front of thousands of spectators, I can tell you that you feel very small. Me, my gaze was drawn to the upper stands, it was super impressive, especially since at the same time the public was applauding and turning on the laptops to film us. Something crazy. A magic moment»

The news is a clip for the song “earth child”

“I launched a call for applications, on my social networks, for parents to film their children at home, in the street or elsewhere dancing and singing to the song. It worked really well. It’s always a bit risky to launch such an idea with children, but the parents really played the game. It’s great. For the sung part, I chose Mont Afrique, above Dijon. A choice that was made quite naturally when I went for a walk there at the beginning of spring»

The earth child and his heavenly world

“Yes that’s it. The title came out in the spring, I actually sang it at the Zénith. It’s a song that tells the story of a child who wants to discover his heavenly world and who believes he knows everything about life. A text written by Baptiste Nio, a host of a web radio in Honfleur and for the music Vincent Valem offered me several Sounds and I opted for the one found on this title.

A very large audience

“The title is listened to in France of course with Dijon, Lyon, Paris, but also in cities that I do not know more than that in Rhône-Alpes or in the south of France. And then there is Mexico, Finland, or even Belgium. The age range is between 40 and 50, with a slight majority of women on Spotify. I’m happy to reach this audience, it proves that my words are listened to. But I also have a large audience in the 24-35 age group. In the end, I mainly reach 25-50 year olds, a very large audience, I’m quite proud of it.

The concerts

“I have just done the Turbine in Talant on the occasion of the Citizen Council, a concert for Childhood and sharing in Honfleur, on July 30 I will be at La Bonne Mesure in Talant, I was called for an evening in August in Sète and for the July 14 festivities I will be in Talant for a concert in front of the Ecrin on Wednesday July 13. I also prepare several rooms mainly in Côte-d’Or with a guitarist. But I won’t say more, as soon as the project is more concrete for the start of the school year in September, I will of course think of Infos-Dijon”

Norbert Banchet
Photo: Social Media S.Wenn

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