DIJON: Daily physical activity valued at the Darcy-Mauchaussé school

The Darcy-Mauchaussé elementary school in Dijon is the first in Côte-d’Or to register for the “30 minutes of daily physical activity” scheme. Thierry Terret, interministerial delegate for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris 2024, visited the students with the rector of the Dijon academy on Monday, November 22 to promote a device intended to be extended to all schools in France.

The device “30 minutes of daily physical activity” was launched jointly, one might say, by the ministries of national education and sports during the last school year.
Its implementation having been slowed down due to the health context, it is since this year 2021-2022 that the ministries involved intend to relaunch the dynamic and encourage elementary schools to develop these thirty minutes daily.

The first establishment in Côte-d’Or to have officially registered in the system is the Darcy-Mauchaussé school in Dijon, rue du Docteur Chaussier.

It is in this that Nathalie Albert-Moretti, rector of the Dijon academy, and Pascale Coq, Dasen of Côte-d’Or, went to attend the sessions of two classes in the school playground. .
The CE2 of Madame Guerin, director of the school, then the CE1-CE2 of Madame Roy-Vignot were spent and even visibly well let off steam in view of the enthusiasm perceptible in the attitudes of these budding athletes.

The visit of this Monday, November 22, 2021 was also part of the visit of Thierry Terret, interministerial delegate to the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2024.
Paris 2024 is in fact the course. On Monday November 15, it was during an interministerial meeting that Prime Minister Jean Castex set the objective that “100% of students in France” benefit from the device mentioned.

Flexible implementation modalities

“The goal remains to get more movement. Why ? Because it is a recommendation of the World Health Organization which estimates that children should at least move an hour a day. Half of it has to be done at school and families also have their share of the work to do. The aim is for as many students as possible to be active during school time, at least thirty minutes, in addition to PE and school sports, ”explained Thierry Terret.
The interministerial delegate had just exchanged with the teachers as well as the representatives of the teaching teams of the Dijon academy around the implementation of the device and the possibilities of its variation.

When can the sessions take place? How do we get rid of the guilt of teachers who have the impression of cutting back on learning time to do these sessions? These are the questions raised.

“The system is intended to be extremely flexible in its modalities so that it can be adapted to all the characteristics of the pupils and of each school. From welcoming students to the school until they leave, the 30 minutes can be done inside or outside the school, but also in the playground or in the classroom. The variation of this time of physical activity is at the initiative of the educational teams of each school. It can even be done in extra-curricular practice, with the associative movement. It is even desired as well, ”replied Thierry Terret, observing that the first 800 validated files brought out the articulation of 30 minutes of daily physical activity in two 15-minute periods, most often with active recreation and one. active break during the day, most often in the morning.

“Sport is health”

“The basic message here is sport is health, but that does not prevent pleasure, on the contrary. Children have fun in the activity. It is important to associate pleasure with well-being, ”insisted the interministerial delegate, announcing that nearly 4,000 schools should be registered in the device in the coming weeks, out of the 36,000 eligible schools in France.
“In the exchanges, we realize rather that 20 to 30% of elementary schools already organize this kind of time”. Thierry Terret encourages them to go to the end of the process, to get involved in the system, which must be accompanied by funding by the State of equipment kits to adapt and vary the sessions.

Initially launched on the basis of action sheets inspired by the Quebec education system, the system will be enhanced with additional resource sheets. “The combinations are multiple”, according to the interministerial delegate.

“The device is exciting in terms of public health, student well-being and also work on the class group. There is something else going on between the students and their teacher, then interesting for more traditional learning. It is a question of promoting more physical activity to clearly show everything that is done and very well done in schools, ”said Rector Nathalie Albert-Moretti.

Registration for the scheme is done on demarches-simplifiees.fr. The school file is then examined by a departmental referent, up to the ministry.

Alix berthier
Photos: Alix Berthier