“Dijon in Ligue 2 is PSG in Ligue 1” / France / Quevilly-Rouen / July 8, 2021 / SOFOOT.com

Bruno Irles, or the math teacher who tries to explain a somewhat complicated notion with concrete examples.

On the program today, proportionality. Interviewed by the specialized media Maligue2.fr as part of the traditional summer overview, the coach of Quevilly-Rouen Métropole, who led his team to second place in National 1 last year to validate his promotion in Ligue 2, expressed himself on the gap in resources even within the second division of French football.

“Dijon in Ligue 2, it’s PSG in Ligue 1, presents Irles. They do not box in the same category as the others. ” It must be said that the Dijon club, just relegated, is talking about him at the start of the transfer window, with already several signings of big fish recorded: Valentin Jacob, the playing master of Niort, Mickaël Le Bihan, 19 goals in Ligue 2 last year under the liquette of the Auxerre rival, Daniel Congré, a regular in the elite … During this time, Quevilly-Rouen is forced to look down to recruit, and is still not in position of strength. “There are Ligue 2 clubs which are already working on the National and inevitably have stronger arguments than mine to convince the players. ”

Welcome to the harsh reality of professional football.