DIJON Senior Life #39 – Fall 2022

The end of sunny days also has its good sides (goodbye heat wave) and is not necessarily synonymous with the end of activities. On the contrary, it may be the right time to prepare your winter holidays quietly, as you can read in our article on off-season stays, but also to fill up on concerts and shows with the return to culture. , for which we provide you with an agenda. The autumn period is also, and above all, an opportunity to take care of yourself and enjoy life differently, at a different pace. Take a wellness break with a healthy diet, a spiritual retreat, or an autumn cure. We explore these different avenues, with the aim of allowing you to recharge your batteries mentally and physically.

We continue, moreover, to meet you. After our visit to the Salon des seniors de Côte-d’Or last April, it is to that of Villars-les-Dombes that we went, for its 1st edition. A great opportunity to discuss with you and introduce you to one of the five editions of our magazine, which has developed well this year. We will continue to participate in these types of events in the future, in order to maintain contact with you.

And we are already giving you an appointment in November, for the Bourg en Bresse Gastronomy Fair (AIN).

Until then, continue to follow us on our Facebook page and find our content on the La Voix de la Haute-Marne website.

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