“Dilonggan” soared by 1 kg and 1320 yuan, killing earthworms by extinction has become an ecological concern | International | CTWANT

Earthworms can help loosen the soil and are farmers’ friends. Earthworms can also be used as bait for fishing, and they can also be dried to make Chinese medicinal materials, commonly known as “Dilonggan”. In recent years, the price of earthworms has been soaring in mainland China. The price of 1 kilogram of dry earthworms can be sold for 1,000 yuan. The “extinction” electric earthworm machines are also sold on the Internet.

According to “Shangguan News”, the current price of 1 kilogram of dry earthworms is 300 yuan (about NT$1,320), making metal instruments such as “electric earthworm machine” and “dilong instrument” popular. The current price on the Internet For more than 100 yuan to 800 yuan (about NT$442 to 3539 yuan), some sellers have sold 100,000 electric earthworm machines, and buyers have also left messages at the bottom of the store.

Earthworms can also be made into Chinese medicinal materials, also known as “Dragon of the Earth”.

It is understood that the use of an electric earthworm machine requires a battery, and the machine is generally used in moist and soft soil, and vegetable gardens, cultivated land, etc. are the best. There is a “luxury electric earthworm machine” on the Internet. The price is 800 yuan (about NT$3539). ), the seller said that it can power more than ten pounds of earthworms at a time.

Experts pointed out that electric earthworms directly introduce electricity into the soil, allowing the earthworms to “electrically shock” them out. This approach not only directly electrocutes the earthworms, but also harms other organisms in the soil and causes “extinction” damage to the ecology.

In addition, in August last year, three companies in mainland China sold electric earthworm machines and caused irreversible damage to the environment. The court ordered the merchants to pay 1.59 million yuan (about NT$7.03 million) in damages to the ecological environment.