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The Dimayor socialized, through a statement sent last Monday night, the provisions, tests, dates and requirements to roll out the biosecurity protocol for the return of Colombian football in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the guide text, which was sent to all FPC teams, you can see the detailed step by step that all clubs must go through to restart activities. It includes medical aspects, testing, phase phases, financing of resources and administrative documentation.

EL HERALDO presents the full report, which aims to resume the competition in late August – early September, culminating in a fourth phase scheduled to take place between August 20 and 26. Dimayor makes it clear that this exposed calendar is free to be modified along the way, all depending on how it develops and the reality that the country is experiencing regarding the pandemic.

Here is the full report:

Medical and operational aspects

1. From Phase 0 to Phase 4 established in the Biosafety Protocol, each of the affiliated clubs will be solely responsible for hiring the laboratories to carry out the tests.

2. The contracting will be done directly between the club and the laboratory, and the execution of the contract for the materialization of the Biosafety Protocol may be subject to the supervision of the Dimayor.

3. The Dimayor attaches to this Circular the list of laboratories authorized by the Ministry of Health at the national level; that they will be the only ones authorized to carry out this process (any laboratory that is not on the list will be expressly excluded).

4. In addition to the report they make to the Health Secretaries of each city or department, the laboratories contracted by the clubs must send the respective report of the tests carried out and the results thereof, together with the attached certification to the doctor responsible for each club and to the Dimayor (subject to applicable regulations).

5. The Dimayor will have a digital form and a specific email to carry out the daily, weekly and test reports that must be certified for compliance with the Biosafety Protocol. This information will be shared in a subsequent Annex document.

6. The Dimayor will invite the affiliated clubs to a virtual training related to the Protocol and its correct implementation, complying with the provisions of the National Government, and seeking better socialization and correct implementation of the Protocol.

7. In case of any change, clarification, or force majeure circumstance compared to the provisions of Resolution No. 993 of June 17, 2020, DIMAYOR will carry out the corresponding procedures before the competent authorities, and will keep the affiliated clubs informed in front of any modification or clarification of what was initially established.


The following schedule has been defined for compliance with the different phases of the protocol. This calendar serves as a guide for compliance by each of the affiliated clubs for the return to competitions (attached calendar is sent).

PHASE 0, 1 and 2 (Planning, Enlistment and Health Condition):

Duration 28 days.

It started on June 18, 2020 and ends on July 15, 2020.

Within these 28 days, planning phases 0, enlistment phase 1 and health condition phase 3 will be completed. In this period of time, the affiliated clubs must comply with what is described in the Protocol approved by the Ministry of Health and report to DIMAYOR on such compliance.

Within this period, specifically in Phase 2, the first molecular PCR tests will be carried out on the lists of 40 people submitted by each of the affiliated clubs. These tests will be carried out between July 10 and 15, 2020.

PHASE 3 (Low Risk Training):

Duration 28 days.
It begins on July 16, 2020 and ends on August 19, 2020.
In this period, the affiliated clubs must comply with what is described in the Protocol approved by the Ministry of Health and report to DIMAYOR on such compliance.

Within this period, IgG / IgM serological tests should be carried out weekly, and their results reported to the Secretaries of Health, the National Government and DIMAYOR.

PHASE 4 (Specific Training):

To start this phase, you must have the endorsement of the National Government.
The proposed schedule for this phase, if the National Government authorizes, is:

It starts on August 20, 2020 and ends on August 26, 2020.

This phase is planned to take place one week before the start of the competition, and will serve so that the clubs can enter the concentration phase prior to the restart of the matches.

It is necessary to clarify that this calendar may be subject to changes, as determined by the circumstances, cases of force majeure, and / or the guidelines issued by the competent authorities. Any modification will be informed in advance.


A schedule has been set for the tests, which will be socialized and coordinated later by the FCF medical department and DIMAYOR with the doctors responsible for each of the clubs. These dates must be shared with the respective contracted laboratories.

PCR tests

2 molecular PCR tests taken in:
Test 1 – Between July 12 and 13 – Before the training phase
Test 2 – Between August 16 and 17 – Before the competition

Quick tests

4 IgG / IgM serological tests taken in:
Week 1 – Monday July 20
Week 2 – Monday, July 27
Week 3 – Monday August 3
Week 4 – Monday August 10

July 15, 2020 has been determined to be the maximum date to submit the results of the PCR molecular test for each person included in the initial list of 40 people. The closing presentation of this information will be at noon (12 noon) on that Wednesday, July 15 in order to be able to review and certify compliance with it from DIMAYOR.

Likewise, between Sunday 16 and Monday 17 August 2020, the second molecular PCR test will be taken for each of the people included in the initial list of 40 people. The closing date for the presentation of the results of the second PCR test will be on August 19 at noon (12 noon), in order to review and certify from DIMAYOR.

The planning of the calendar, definition of test dates and number of them were designed in compliance with the following variables established by the Ministry and the Protocol, seeking to guarantee sports performance and physical conditioning.

• Phase 0, 1 – Compliance with 28 days stipulated in the protocol.
• Phase 2 – Duration of 3 to 6 days for testing.
• Phase 3 – Duration of 28 days stipulated in the protocol.
• Phase 4 – Proposal for concentration one week before the start of the competition.

Guarantee at least 6 weeks of physical reconditioning prior to competition.
• Performing PCR molecular tests prior to competition.
• Performing IgG / IgM serological tests weekly.


The Dimayor administration, with the intention of complying with the guidelines established by the National Government and the country’s health authorities, make the following recommendations:

1. Implement suitable follow-up and monitoring protocols for the members of the sports teams of each of the clubs, through their medical personnel and any entity in charge of the club’s safety and health; giving strict compliance to the applicable regulations.

2. Strict compliance with the guidelines, orders, decisions and instructions issued by the National Government and Local Governments.

3. Notify the administration of the Dimayor immediately and in a timely manner, any positive case that is confirmed in its sports squads by the competent authorities, and / or any situation (including medical, labor, logistics and / or contractual ) that may have adverse effects regarding the implementation of the Biosafety Protocol.

4. Communicate the preventive measures decreed by the National Government and the World Health Organization to the members of its sports teams in order to prevent the appearance and proliferation of positive cases of COVID-19.

5. Affiliated clubs have the obligation and responsibility to strictly comply with the provisions of Resolution No. 993 of June 17, 2020, Legislative Decree 539 of 2020, and other decrees, resolutions, and / or guidelines that supplement, replace or modify.

6. The provisions of this Circular must be interpreted and are subject to the provisions of Resolution No. 993 of June 17, 2020, Legislative Decree 539 of 2020, and other decrees, resolutions, and / or guidelines that complement it, replace or modify. In case of any doubt or comment, the administration will immediately process the competent authorities.

Finally, the Dimayor will begin this week virtual meetings with each of the departments of the clubs that are involved in the execution of the different stages that make up the biosafety protocol for the resumption of Colombian Professional Soccer in its different categories.



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