Dina Tersago about double exit in ‘Boer seeks woman’: “They left unjustly, but their sadness turned into anger”

In Tersago© Boer seeks Woman – Home Sweet Home

In Day All this week, presenter Dina Tersago lashes out at the two participants in ‘Boer seeks woman’ Jolyn and Katrijn, who left farmer Raphaël. “They got too caught up in their emotions. A pity and above all: a missed opportunity.”


Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at 8:13 AM

It was fireworks last Sunday in ‘Boer seeks woman’. Nearly all three remaining women had packed up at farmer Raphaël’s. Both Jasha, Jolyn and Katrijn wanted to leave immediately. Presenter Dina Tersago tried to calm things down. But Jolyn and Katrijn stuck to their decision and left. Jasha eventually stayed.

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There was no choice left: Raphaël continues with Jasha. — © VTM

Tensions rose after Katrijn and Jolyn saw how farmer and farrier Raphael almost only paid attention to Jasha. Especially when she was alone with him in his caravan. According to the Raphaël, only a hug was given. But for the other two ladies it was clear: they no longer stood a chance. So they got up. Never happened in Farmer seeks wife.

Farmer Raphaël is still so impressed months later that he still cannot react to what happened.

Presenter Dina Tersago says this week Hello everyone that farmer Raphaël had expected something different from his participation. She says that participants have also left in the past, but never more than one at a time. She immediately went to the farm when she heard how high tensions were rising. “Fortunately, I was able to enlist my mother to take care of the children. During the recordings I am always on standby, but it was on a Wednesday, my day off. I had just dropped off my sons Isak (7) and Thor (5) at school.”

Dina says that the two ladies left unjustly: “They felt wronged,” says Dina. “Unjustly, in my opinion, but it was so in their heads and I was no longer able to change their mind (…) But they were so wound up that their sadness had turned into pure anger. “