Dinosaurs lived in a very different part of the galaxy


NASA astronomers came to the conclusion that when the Earth was inhabited by dinosaurs, it was in a completely different part of our Galaxy. This was found out after observing the movement of the solar system in the Milky Way, writes Science Alert.

Shot from the film "Jurassic World"

The sun orbits around the center of the galaxy. The star completes a complete revolution in approximately 250 million years. Researcher Jesse Christiansen projected the path of the solar system and found that dinosaurs only began to appear on Earth when they were at the same point as they are now. And the most famous individuals appeared on the planet when it was already very far from the current location. Christiansen shared her observations on Twitter.

The movement of the galaxy in itself is much more complicated than shown in the video, since all objects are simultaneously moving in it, but at different speeds and in other orbits. In addition, the Milky Way itself is in constant motion, drawing closer to the Andromeda galaxy.

During the rotation of the Solar system around the center of our galaxy, we do not return to the starting point – the situation around is always different from the past. Although the Earth has not changed much, life is also in full swing here, although it is somewhat different.

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