Dipiazza plays poker in the Municipality. Salvini and Meloni anti Viminale. “A shame those fire hydrants”

Poker by Roberto Dipiazza, who comes out victorious from the polls and reconfirms himself as mayor of Trieste after beating the center-left candidate Francesco Russo in the second round. For the first citizen it is in fact the fourth term, after having already administered the city three times, from 2001 to 2011 and from 2016 to today. The result was already clear around 16 yesterday, when with over half of the polled seats, Dipiazza was close to 52%. The confirmation came shortly after with the definitive data: the outgoing mayor is reconfirmed with 51.3% of the votes against 48.7% of the challenger. “I thank all the citizens of Trieste with great affection for this new wonderful emotion”, were the first words of Dipiazza. «I have already received the congratulations of Francesco Russo».

The Julian capital has shown to be in contrast with the results of the other ballots, where the center-left has managed to conquer the big cities. Here, the fears of the eve proved unfounded, when many political analysts had predicted that absenteeism at the polls would penalize the center-right. The turnout, on the other hand, was low: just under 42% of those entitled to vote, further down compared to the first round which had nevertheless recorded an uninspiring figure (46%). But the vote passed almost quietly in Trieste, where the protest against the green pass has been growing for days. The attention of the media was in fact focused more on the port, where even yesterday morning the entrance to gate 4 was blocked by port workers and 3-4 thousand demonstrators. The police cleared the area with fire hydrants and tear gas and some lightening charges. There was no fear of violence, but only a few skirmishes before the crowd left the port area, heading to the central Piazza Unità for a sit in front of the buildings of the institutions, the Prefecture, the Region and the Town Hall.

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With the polls still open, the demonstrators had the unexpected solidarity of the leaders of the Brothers of Italy and the League, Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini, who criticized the government and especially the Interior Ministry for the decision to forcibly evict the presidium of the no green pass in front of the port entrance. “Hydrants against workers who strike at the port of Trieste thundered Meloni -. The same government that has done nothing to stop an illegal rave of thousands of stragglers, nothing done to prevent the assault on the headquarters of the CGIL, does nothing to stop illegal immigration and fight the free zones of drug dealing and crime, that nothing against the abusive occupations of private houses and buildings, he pulls fire hydrants out of the warehouses to use them against workers who strike peacefully so as not to be discriminated against in the workplace. Just as the Constitution wants, as well as requested by the EU ». The leader of Fdi spared no one. “Silent trade unions, compliant media, applauding majority political forces,” he added -. This is what they are transforming Italy into ». More calm in Salvini tones, but not in criticism. «Last week the leader of the League who is part of the government majority said that a handful of neo-fascists were allowed to upset Rome, today fire hydrants are used against the peaceful workers and citizens of Trieste. But how do they think at the Interior Ministry? ».

The demonstrations, however, will continue. Now it is feared that the protest could exacerbate, given that, according to the police, hundreds of demonstrators are expected to arrive from many Italian cities who want to join the Trieste no green pass.

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