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DIRECT – Churches and hotels attacked in Sri Lanka: 290 dead and more than 500 wounded according to new provisional balance sheet


– This Sunday, eight explosions took place in Sri Lanka, in various parts of the country. They took place in Catholic churches and hotels.

In Colombo, three luxury beachfront hotels, Cinnamon Grand Hotel, Shangri-La and Kingsbury, and St. Anthony's Church were hit. In Negombo, a town north of Colombo, at least 67 people were killed in the church of San Sebastián and 25 others in a church in Batticaloa, a city in the east of the island, according to the same source. A few hours later, two more explosions occurred in Dehiwala, a southern suburb of Colombo, where at least two people died in an explosion at a fourth hotel, and Orugodawatta, north of Colombo, where a suicide bomber blew himself up. , killing three police officers during a search operation in a house, according to the police.

– The balance sheet, still temporary, amounts to about 290 dead and 500 wounded.

– Authorities have declared an immediate curfew and temporary blocking of social networks "to prevent the spread of incorrect and false images".

– The whole world has condemned these attacks. From Emmanuel Macron to the Pope via Donald Trump or Narendra Modi, the convictions are unanimous.

– The archbishop of Colombo called on the government of Sri Lanka to "punish without mercy" those responsible for the attacks.

– The Quai d'Orsay has opened a crisis cell. She can be contacted at (+33) 1 43 17 51 00. At least 35 foreigners are among the dead, including one Portuguese, one Dutch, two Turkish nationals, three Danish, three Indians, two Chinese, five British and several Americans. . Japanese and British nationals were injured.

– Thirteen men were arrested in connection with the attacks, the Sri Lankan police said.



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