Direct line between centers and 061 for urgent assistance to students with chronic pathologies

The School Alert Program, developed jointly by the Ministries of Health and Education and the Murcian Health Service, will improve the care of school students with chronic pathologies that may lead to a vital emergency. So the program establish a direct communication channel between the educational center and 061 so that, in case of emergency, the first attention to the student is provided while the adequate resources arrive.

Schoolchildren with chronic pathologies such as heart disease with risk of sudden death, type I diabetes, epileptic seizures and convulsions, as well as those at risk of severe anaphylaxis due to insect bites and/or allergies, they can enroll in the School Alert program through their pediatrician or family doctor, since there is no age limit and the only requirement is that they are enrolled in an educational center.

The student’s family will receive from the health professional an informative document on emergency action in the different pathologies included in the program, the authorization for its inclusion and the authorization for the professionals from the educational center can administer the medication in case of vital emergency. This documentation must be delivered to the educational center.

061, responsible for all actions

In case of emergency, the school must call 1-1-2 and after saying “school alert”, the name of the center and the student, the call will go directly to 061. Emergency health professionals will immediately access medical history and They will indicate by telephone how to carry out the first attention while the necessary resources arrive, assuming the 061 health professional all responsibility for the actions from the first moment.

Through the nurses of the PACES program, training is being given to teachers and the rest of the educational community in first action in emergencies in educational centers that have students who will be included in the program.

In the case of schoolchildren who only have private health insurance, the documents for inclusion in the School Alert program must be completed by your doctor or pediatrician and delivered to the school by the family. Once the center has the documentation, the coordination of the program will register the student in the system so that 061 has their medical data like the rest of the insured students in the Murcian Health Service.