Direct Mercury on July 12, the effects on the Horoscope and the signs

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direct mercury horoscope effects zodiac signs

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From July 12th Mercury it will be directed again, that is, it will start working again by unlocking (or restarting) the ideas, words, thoughts and actions of the present. Remember that, going back on its way, Direct mercury it could restart all those things that were perhaps left unresolved, accelerating solutions, maturations and answers you were waiting for. And it will make it happy especially Mars who, in this period, is in a hurry, is eager to do. Discover the effects of this path of Mercury on theHoroscope and on your zodiac sign.

The effects of direct Mercury on the zodiac signs

Aries: you needed this energy to restart the dialogues at home, in the family, to find intelligence and curiosity in yourself and with the most intimate things you are experiencing. You will like it.

Toro: Mercury helps you improve your communication, to be noticed and always up to the situations, contexts in which you will find yourself. Better even with small tests.

Gemini: Mercury is your true energy, for this reason you will feel better, able to decide and to participate in a sky that is in a hurry but that you like precisely for this. Excellent material fortunes.

Cancer: Mercury restarts from you, so that you can quickly improve your way of saying and thinking, that you can understand what is the right moment for everything. Saying no to the hurry of Mars.

Leone: Mercury is not too visible in your sky, yet its restart will help you improve your relationship with expenses in general. You will be able to use each resource better.

Virgin: Mercury is your best energy, so its re-start pushes you to believe more in what you are and what you can do. Now you move calmly, without fear of being late.

Weight scale: Mercury greatly improves your understanding of work, the dialogues that take place in the office and with colleagues. Everything is now a little clearer to you than before.

Scorpio: The planet now gives you a hand to unlock some practical and economic issues that you could no longer bear because of a Mars that is not waiting. Relief.

Sagittario: Jupiter continues to confuse your ideas and intentions, but at least he magically finds clarity. For this reason the two-way relationship now works better than before.

Capricorn: Mercury is in front of you, in opposition. For this reason, with its restart, it will improve the understanding with those you love, because every dialogue accelerates, becomes clearer.

aquarium: your intelligence starts from small things and then calmly arrives at the real question, revealing truths and small things that were hiding. You are more serene.

Fishes: Mercury improves your relationship with those you love, but also with the people who matter in the present. Everything now seems more fun, more pleasant.

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