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DIRECT. Our Lady on fire: the cathedral disfigured, firefighters still at work

A fire of magnitude was declared Monday night in the roof of work of Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris, the most visited historical monument in Europe, sowing stupor in the capital.

What you must remember

  • A fire broke out at Notre-Dame de Paris this Monday, shortly before 7 pm The arrow at the top of the building collapsed an hour later. The towers should be preserved.
  • The origins of the incident are unknown in the immediate future. An investigation was opened for "involuntary fire destruction".
  • This incident comes at a time when major works have been launched on the building, the most visited historical monument in Europe.


>15 images of the Notre-Dame-de-Paris cathedral devastated by the flames
>Six questions about the fire

Follow the events minute by minute

1:40. of the "decades" to rebuild. Eric Fischer, Director of the Foundation of the Work of Our Lady, believes that it will take "decades" to rebuild, given the "considerable" damage. "But in France, we are lucky to have been able to maintain a network of extremely successful heritage companies, small artisans or larger groups […] who have in their midst highly qualified workers who can be better workers of France or from the network of the compagnonnage.

1:25. What is left of religious treasures? Many religious works of art were kept in the cathedral. While some like the Crown of Thorns were saved from the fire, others like the paintings could not be moved. Our article here.

1:10. Construction workers are currently being heard by the investigators, announces the parquet floor of Paris. The fire, apparently of accidental origin, took in the attic of the building shortly before 19H00. He seems to have left at the level of scaffolding installed on the roof of the building, in work for several months.

0:50. Patrons. The Pinault family, at the head of the luxury group Kering, announces that it will release 100 million euros for the reconstruction of the building.

0:43. Firefighters inside the cathedral. One of photojournalists follows the intervention in progress at Notre-Dame de Paris.

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LP / Arnaud Journois

00:30. A special issue in Le Parisien this Tuesday. Nine pages are devoted to the fire of Notre-Dame in our newspaper already available in its digital edition. You will find in particular a point on the investigation, the emotion raised in the whole world and the history of this millennial monument.

0:16. A "big hole in the roof". Anne Hidalgo, quoted by a reporter of the World on Twitter, evokes big damage "in the place where was the arrow, now in crumbs in the nave". "The altar and its cross are preserved," she says. It's less terrible than I feared. "

0:08. Laurent Wauquiez cancels the meeting he was to hold on Tuesday in Nîmes (Gard). The Republican party was officially to launch its campaign for the May 26th ballot at this meeting, with notably François-Xavier Bellamy, leader of the LR list.

Midnight. A firefighter was seriouslyinjured In the evening.

11:48 p.m.. Shocked faithful. Although the building now seems saved in its structure, the ravages caused by the flames and the images of the devastated cathedral have marked Catholics. "I have the ball in my stomach," says one of them, from Lyon. "Apocalyptic," sums up another.

23.40. "This cathedral, we will rebuild it all together," promises Emmanuel Macron. "We will appeal to the greatest talents (…) and we will rebuild. (…) Because that's what the French expect, because that's what our story deserves, because it's our deep destiny. "

23.40. Emmanuel Macron addresses "Catholics around the world", "Especially in this holy week," he adds. "I know how they feel and I'm with them". And to address his thoughts to "all Parisians" and even to "all our compatriots". Our Lady symbolizes "our history, our literature, our imagination," he states.

11:37 p.m.. "The worst has been avoided, even if the battle is not yet fully won," supports the President of the Republic, adding that "the next few hours will be difficult. "

11:35 p.m.. Solemn, Emmanuel Macron evokes "a terrible drama". "I want to have a thought and thanks for the firefighters of Paris", first puts forward the head of state.

23:30 The Archbishop of Paris shares his "extreme emotion". "Together, we are united in this great misfortune that touches us and affects the whole world," said Bishop Aupetit.

11:25 p.m.. Emmanuel Macron's next speech. The head of state is expected in front of the press in the next minutes.

23.15. The investigation was opened for "involuntary fire destruction". The Paris prosecutor's office favors the thesis of the accident for the moment, and not the criminal track.

11:10 p.m.. A "several hours" operation. Findings are now encouraging but the night is just beginning for the 400 firefighters mobilized. A priori circumscribed, the flames continue to ravage the building.

10:57 p.m.. The fire seen from the sky. The image captured by a drone above the building helps to better understand the extent of future damage.

10:55 p.m.. Two-thirds of the roof was ravaged.

10:53 p.m.. "We can consider that the two towers of Notre-Dame are saved. The overall structure is preserved, says Jean-Claude Gallet, commander of the Paris Fire Brigade. It remains to watch the "cooling" of the structure and "extract" the "greatest number of works of art" from the cathedral.

10:50 p.m.. "We can think that the structure is saved", says Laurent Nuñez, Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior, at a press point. "We are much more optimistic than earlier, but we must remain cautious," he adds.

10:45 p.m.. The tribute of Barack Obama. " Notre Dame is one of the greatest treasures in the world, and we think of the people of France in their time of sorrow, "said the former president of the United States. And to add: "It is in our nature to move us when we see lost history, but it is also in our nature to rebuild for tomorrow, as hard as we can. "

10:43 p.m.. Anne Hidalgo deplores "a terrible ordeal". "We will recover from this ordeal," she says.

10:40 p.m.. "The treasure is not reached". Bishop Patrick Chauvet, rector of Notre-Dame de Paris, said at a press point that were saved the crown of thorns, the tunic of St. Louis and "some chalices." "But removing the big paintings is impossible," he says.

10:35 p.m.. Political reactions. The leaders of the major political groups have in turn touched the fate of the building on Twitter. Marine Le Pen (RN) reported "infinite grief" and a "dizzying sense of loss". Laurent Wauquiez (LR) spoke of "a part of our history" and "of ourselves". Jean-Luc Mélenchon (LFI) was sorry for a "staggering, abominable spectacle". Benoit Hamon (Génération-s) said he was "inconsolable".

10:25 p.m.. Works in the process of evacuation. "Currently, the maneuver is to preserve the back of the cathedral, where are located the most valuable works, that we are evacuating," says General Jean-Claude Gallet, commander of the Brigade of firefighters from Paris, present on site. "The most valuable works have been sheltered," he says.

10:24 p.m.. The "sadness" of Vatican. In a statement, the spokesman of the Vatican deplores the ruin of a "symbol of Christendom, in France and in the world". "We express our closeness to French Catholics and to the Parisian population. We pray for the firefighters and for all those who do their best to face this dramatic situation, "he adds.

10:17 p.m.. The Heritage Foundation will launch a major national gathering on Tuesday.

10:14 p.m.. Believers on their knees sing in front of Our Lady on fire.

10:05 p.m.. "To all the priests of Paris …" On Twitter, the Archbishop of Paris, Mgr Michel Aupetit, addresses the Parisian religious. "Pray," he says. He added: "If you wish, you can ring the bells of your churches to invite prayer. "

22h. Christophe Castaner returns to Paris. The Minister of the Interior was traveling to Mayotte. Stay shortened three days following the events in Paris, tells us a journalist from Paris Match.

9:56 p.m.. Firefighters storm the building. According to one of our reporters on site, onlookers can distinguish relief on the balcony of the cathedral. "We see torch lights flashing," he reports.

9:53 p.m.. Saving Our Lady "is not acquired"says Laurent Nuñez, Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior.

9:50 p.m.. Edouard Philippe "still in the fight"."Our sadness is beyond words (…). Tonight firefighters fight, heroic, against the fire, to preserve what can be, "tweets the Prime Minister.

9:40 p.m.. "The next hour and a half is going to be decisive" At a press point, a spokesman for firefighters is worried. "We're not sure we can stop the spread at the north belfry," he says. If it collapses, I let you imagine the importance of the damage. "

9:35 p.m.. The navigation of the boat-boats interrupted. On the Seine, the fluvial brigade forces the boat-flies to turn around at the Louvre Museum. Navigation is interrupted along the Ile de la Cité.

9:32 p.m.. More than 120 million euros had been committed to the rehabilitation ofplaces."I had thrown myself into the search for sponsors," André Finot reports. The communications officer of the Notre Dame cathedral adds: "Four or five years ago, the Ministry of Culture financed major fire-fighting works. "

21:30. Alarm. André Finot, head of communication at the Notre Dame cathedral, tells the Parisian: "We heard the alarm ring at 18:30. An alarm that we immediately identified and recognized because we had engaged in a fire drill a few days ago. Very quickly, we saw a large cloud of gray and yellow smoke escaping from the beam of the building … "

9:25 p.m.. Unesco solidarity. The United Nations organization for culture is standing by "France's side to safeguard and rehabilitate this priceless heritage," according to its director general, Audrey Azoulay.

9:23 p.m.. The criminal brigade has been seized, according to our information.

9:20 p.m.. From Berlin to Washington, the whole world is flabbergasted. Read our compilation of international reactions.

9:17 p.m.. "It's impossible, it's impossible what's going on …" Find our report with tourists and residents of Paris, in shock in front of the flames.

9:12 p.m.. Call for accountability. "We invite locals and tourists not to climb bridges and bridges to watch the fire so as not to interfere with the intervention of the various services," says Christophe Girard, deputy mayor of Paris in charge of culture and former Mayor of the 4th arrondissement.

9:10 p.m.. The mayor of Paris activates its operational crisis cell. The hall of the white coats located street old Temple (IVe) was also opened to accommodate residents and tourists.

9:05 p.m.. Prayers rise up the quai des Grands Augustins. Thousands of onlookers joined the building on fire.

9:03 p.m.. A monument symbol of the capital : Notre-Dame de Paris is a historical, symbolic and emblematic place of popular culture. Find our full article on the subject.

21h. The left bell tower of Notre-Dame ignites. Left bank, the Parisians could only note that flames appeared from the left tower of Notre Dame. They were replaced by smoke after a few moments.

21h. The rose window in danger? After the arrow, this other particularly emblematic part of the building sees the flames getting dangerously close.

8:55 p.m.. A living cathedral. Very popular with tourists, Notre-Dame de Paris continues to perform its functions as a religious building: five offices are celebrated daily, and seven on Sundays. With the celebrations and exceptional celebrations, more than 2000 offices resonate each year under its vaults.

8:50 p.m.. Part of the Ile de la Cité has been evacuated. This is particularly the case of emergencies at the Hôtel-Dieu, near the cathedral.

8:47 p.m.. The mayor of London evokes "heartbreaking scenes". "London is in sadness with Paris today, and in friendship always," writes Sadiq Khan on Twitter.

20:45. Is the cathedral empty? André Finot, communication manager of the cathedral, "attends helplessly" to the burning of the frame. "At this time, we do not know under what circumstances fired," he reports. Normally, there should be no more workers on the site because they are supposed to stop between 17 hours and 17:30 at the latest. But we are not sure there was no one left on the spot. "

READ ALSO>Macron postpones his speech and goes on the spot

8:43 p.m.. The recollection of the faithful. Near the forecourt, onlookers kneel and pray in front of the building in flames.

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8:40 p.m.. "A huge trauma for Paris, its inhabitants and France as a whole". Bruno Julliard, former first deputy in charge of the culture of Anne Hidalgo, is distraught in front of the catastrophe. "Our Lady has been part of our common heritage for so many centuries that I can not imagine that the cathedral suddenly became so fragile in front of the flames. […] Tonight, my conviction is that in every Parisian, a part of himself has gone up in smoke.

8:35 p.m.. The galley of firefighters. Like a truck stuck in the traffic jams of Châtelet, the intervention of firefighters is extremely complex to set up.

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8:32 p.m.. "Too early" to determine the origin of the claim. Also at a press point, the public prosecutor of Paris, Rémy Heitz, indicates that the direction of the PJ was seized.

20:30. 400 firefighters mobilized. At a press point, the Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior, Laurent Nunez, speaks of a "very violent fire" in the roof. Firefighters are now working from outside the building, on nacelles. No injuries are to be deplored for the moment.

8:25 p.m.. A point on the security perimeter. Boulevard du Palais is closed to cars and pedestrians, as well as the surrounding bridges and the forecourt of Notre Dame.

8:22 p.m.. Vladimir, 54, believes in a "resurrection". "It's a disaster but we will fix it, says this Parisian cross near the cathedral. We do not have a choice. We are in Easter week. At the end, there will be a resurrection. "

8:20 p.m.. Emmanuel Macron "sad to see this part of us burn". On Twitter, the head of state emphasizes the "emotion of a whole nation" and addresses a "thought" for "all Catholics" and "all French".

8:18 p.m.. Berlin solidarity. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas expressed his support for France. "Our Lady on fire is also striking our hearts. Our thoughts are with all the emergency services and our French friends. With them, we hope that the fire will not make a victim, "he tweeted.

8:15 p.m.. Edouard Philippe also on the way. Matignon said that the prime minister was going there. He will join Emmanuel Macron.

8:13 p.m.. The Archbishop of Paris goes on the spot. Michel Aupetit was in the 7th arrondissement. "It's a drama," sighs in his entourage. The diocese, however, makes no statement at the moment.

8:10 p.m.. Parisians in tears. An on-site journalist describes onlookers "crying". "Everyone is devastated," he adds.

8:05 p.m.. The video of the collapse of the arrow.

8:03 p.m.. "Nothing will be left ". According to the spokesman of the cathedral, the entire frame "is burning". "The frame, which dates from the nineteenth century on one side and the thirteenth on the other, there will be nothing left," he says. And to add: "We must see if the vault, which protects the cathedral, will be touched or not".

20h. Emmanuel Macron goes on the spot. The Elysee says that the President of the Republic was on the way.

7:58 p.m.. Short panic move place Saint-Michel. In particular, the crowd must avoid projections of small incandescent debris from the burning cathedral.

7:55 p.m.. Donald Trump reacts. "So horrible to watch the fire at the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris," laments the President of the United States. Adding that we must "act quickly".

7:55 p.m.. The arrow crumbles. According to one of our reporters on the spot, the upper part of the tip of the building fell to the side, under the pressure of the flames.

7:53 p.m.. We were able to join the chief architect of the works. Philippe Villeneuve is in shock. " It's a catastrophe. I'm crying. I can not imagine such a disaster, "he says. Philippe Villeuve is formal: "At the time when the disaster occurred, there was no worker on the site." The chief architect hopes to arrive in Paris tonight.

7:50 p.m.. The intervention failed. Firefighters still can not reach the burning part of the building. They fold the water lance that had been brought close.

7:50 p.m.. The speech of Emmanuel Macron postponed. The head of state was to announce a series of measures born of the great debate at 20 hours.

19.45. The spire of the cathedral almost consumed. The tip of the building is fully on fire. It is now in danger of crumbling at any moment.

7:40 p.m.. Helpless help. The flames continue to spread freely on the building. A water lance has been brought nearby, without the jet reaching the home for the moment.

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19.30. The first words of Anne Hidalgo. The Mayor of Paris deplores a "terrible fire" and "invites everyone to respect the perimeter security" set up.

7:25 p.m.. The fire is spreading. Visibly from the central part of the cathedral, large flames seemed to spread on the roof of the building.

7:15 p.m.. Fragile installations. According to one of our reporters on site, scaffolding began to collapse around 19h, while firefighters arrived on site were still being equipped.

7:10 p.m..A claim related to the work? This fire occurred at a time when major works were launched on the building, the most visited historical monument in Europe. Find our full article on the subject.

19 hours. Impressive images. Many Internet users share photos and videos of the cathedral on the social networks, from which flames emerge from the roof as well as thick black smoke.


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