That's the upset political calendar. In a few weeks, Lyon's history has rushed. She first registered at the Elysee Palace with the spectacular resignation of Gérard Collomb from the Ministry of the Interior, immediately followed by the resignation of Georges Képénékian, who succeeded him at the Lyon mayor in 2017. Today , Gerard Collomb must resume his chair of mayor. But the context has changed since his departure for Paris.

His return to business marks a new period. He is officially a candidate for the municipal elections of 2020. But he has already announced that he will not claim the label of the "Republic in motion" to reach a broad rally around his candidacy. Beginning of major maneuvers around the metropolis, where the mayor of Lyon no longer sits as a mere advisor.

So that's the election campaign launched. On the right, two men have already officially announced their ambitions. Etienne Blanc, first, Republican candidate, first vice-president of the Region and right-hand man of Laurent Wauquiez. He is fighting for the mayor of Lyon. And then Pascal Blache, mayor of the sixth arrondissement, who says he wants to go it alone in the name of civil society. And who has not yet chosen between the town hall and the metropolis.

On the left, nothing precise yet. But the federation of the Socialist Party already excludes any rapprochement with Gerard Collomb. Like the environmentalists who also dismiss this prospect from the outset.

The extraordinary municipal council of November 5, which we propose here to follow live, will allow to see more clearly in the subtle and moving combinations of political game Lyon.

8:33 am Gérard Collomb enters the council chamber. He smiles and shares a few words with David Kimelfeld, president of the Metropolis.

8:39 am: The oldest member of the assembly opens the meeting and reads the voting rules.

8H42: Laurence Croizier (UDI and related), entered the council municipla replacing Georges Fenech, resigned.

8:45 am: There is a roll call of the elected representatives present. 70 municipal councilors are present. The quorum, fixed at 37 elected, is reached.

8:54 am: Gérard Collomb officially submits his candidacy in the required terms.

8:55 am: The centrist Denis Broliquier, mayor of the 2nd arrondissement, is in turn candidate for the post of mayor.

8h 57: There are two candidates. It is specified that the candidatures are not accompanied by any debate, nor explanation of vote.

9h 02: Nominal call of elected representatives who each vote in turn

Journalists can remotely follow the voting process from the press room / © Julien Sauvadon
Journalists can remotely follow the voting process from the press room / © Julien Sauvadon

9:22 am The ballot is closed. Several opposition politicians, including Dominique Nachury and Stéphane Guilland (Les Républicains), did not participate in the vote.

9:27 am: Counting is in progress.

9:33 am: The counting ends.

9:42 am: Gerard Collomb is reelected Mayor of Lyon by absolute majority. He got 41 votes.

9:43 am Denis Broliquier, centrist mayor of the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon won 8 votes.

9:45 am: 59 voters. There were 13 abstentions and 10 blank votes.

9:46 am: Gérard Collomb speaks to thank Georges Képénékian, who has given him his place and David Kimelfeld, president of the Métropole de Lyon.

9:47: G. Collomb: "Our majority is diverse but we have the same desire to carry the general interest (…)"

9:50 am: G. Collomb: "With David Kimelfeld, there will be no difficulty in working together.The city of Lyon represents the heart of our metropolis but the limits do not stop at a district (…). We will work serenely with the desire to build our city more actively. "

9:54 am: G. Collomb: "I have spent my whole life in the city of Lyon not because of the immoderate taste of power but because I had to carry a vision (…) We are carrying a project to build a city where the city we are happy to live together, we talk a lot about "living together." But we do not build it too much in reality, we have to pay attention to the Other. "

9:59 am: G. Collomb: "The climate challenge: We need to make our mobility even more carbon-free (…) We will be able to invest in future mandates € 1.9 billion in our public transport with easy services (…) We have to go further with our public transport ".


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