DIRECT VIDEO Good evening Gard special Departmental and Regional edition this Sunday

This Sunday, June 27, 2021, Objectif Gard offers you throughout the day and tonight, a live red thread devoted to departmental and regional elections. Point d’orgue, his live video broadcast Good evening Gard in a very special formula.

Since this morning 8 am, the polling stations are open and voters are expected to elect their new departmental and regional councilors.

The writing ofGard objective accompanies you during this special day in the four corners of the Gard. Opening of the polling stations, reactions to the exit of the ballot boxes, photos of mayors and elected officials of the main municipalities, reports on the ground meeting the Gardois, counting, etc. From 8 p.m., discover all the results canton by canton live on Objectif Gard. As well as the results of the Regionals. Not to mention the reactions of happy or unhappy candidates.

Good evening Gard, live video with many guests on stage

And from 7:45 p.m. until 11:00 p.m., don’t miss your show Good evening Gard, special departmental and regional election. Several personalities will parade on our set throughout the evening. In particular Franck Proust, the president The Republicans from Nîmes metropolis, Françoise Dumas, the deputy LREM, Amal Couvreur, candidate for the Union of the Left in the canton of Nîmes 2 and head of the list in the Gard on the list of Carole Delga, Vincent Bouget, communist candidate for Nîmes 3 , Frédéric Touzelier, mayor of Générac and candidate for Regional The Republicans, Julien Plantier, the first deputy mayor of Nîmes in the Nîmes 1 canton, Arnaud Bord, the elected opposition member of the city of Alès, leader of the socialists in the Gard, Yoann Gillet, candidate of the National gathering in the canton of Nîmes 2, Katy Guyot, deputy mayor of Vauvert and candidate for the Regional on the list of Carole Delga, Christophe Rivenq, president of Alès Agglomeration The Republicans and head of the list in the Gard for the Regionals with Aurélien Pradié.

In duplex video, our journalists are mobilized throughout the Gard to help you experience situations as close as possible to your home. First reactions of the candidates, lessons and decryption on the evening of the second round. You understood it: the elections which concern the Gard, it is first and foremost on Objectif Gard this Sunday!

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