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Director of the Department of Youth Policy – children: “The state did not ask your parents to give birth to you”

Olga Glatsky, Director of the Youth Policy Department of the region, made several provocative statements at a meeting with high school students and students in Kirovgrad. According to Echo-TV 24, during a round table in the Glatsky city administration, answering a question about the financing of children's projects in the municipality, she said that the state owes nothing to the younger generation.

Glatskyh said that the state invested in youth activities, the organization of which is not cheap. At the same time, according to the official, the salaries of her colleagues are “three-kopeck”.

“Dear guys, I have a huge request for you. Change it in your heads, and with friends, and with classmates. The state owes you nothing. You have to do everything yourself. This is your life, ”said the guest, looking at high school students.

Recall that in recent years, state policy is aimed at increasing the birth rate. In 2019, the Sverdlovsk region will receive subsidies from the federal budget, which will be used to support families with three or more children. 10 672 rubles per month are received by the poor.

The birth rate in the Sverdlovsk region will increase at the expense of the federal budget

Olga Glatskikh known ambiguous statements. After the protests in the spring of 2017, she stated that her department was created so that “young people, who are not structured today, cannot find their niche, do not go to rallies”. But government officials did not cope with the main task: on March 26, about 3,000 people went to the rally "He's not Dimon to you", many of whom are high school students and students.


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