Dirk Nowitzki wants to be more present for his Mavs and Luka Doncic

Dirk Nowitzki at « blue blood as he says. Blue like the Dallas Mavericks with whom he played his entire career (1998-2019) and had time to obtain the supreme title in 2011 and collected individual distinctions (MVP 2007, 14 All-Star selections…) .

« Of course, I have blue blood. I’ve been with the Mavs since what, 1998? They are in my heart. And I always thought that after enjoying my retirement a bit, I would want to get involved. I want to help. The race for the playoffs is probably the one where I have been the most present. I saw almost every game “, Says the German giant in reference to the superb epic of Luka Doncic and his band until the final of the Western conference, last season.

He adds : ” It was such a thrill to see these guys work so hard and break through to the top 4. It was an amazing run. I hope that in the near future I will be more present and try to help the organization even more. For the time being, he occupied a role of “special adviser” to the owner Mark Cuban.

At the bedside of Luka Doncic

Who says he invests more with the Mavs, says he is a little more present with his natural successor, Luka Doncic: “ He is exactly like me 20 years ago. When you’re insecure and English isn’t your first language, you’re always a little shy in front of the cameras. With the camera off, this kid is hilarious. He likes to have fun with his teammates and with people around whom he feels good. »

Dirk Nowitzki thinks that with him, the Slovenian “ feels quite comfortable. He speaks his mind and we enjoy being together. Whether on or off the pitch, he knows I’m always on his side. He’s a terrific kid. He has a big heart. He means well, so if I can do anything for him, I’ll be happy to do it. »

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