News Disabled police officers (daily newspaper young world)

Disabled police officers (daily newspaper young world)



"Human dignity is a subjunctive" (Wiglaf Droste)

Is it a value in itself to teach or learn how to best manage and exploit colonial areas? The Colonial Institute in Hamburg was founded in 1908 for precisely this purpose. It is a forerunner of today's University of Hamburg. The program offers interesting facts about the history of the institute »111 Years Colonial Institute in Hamburg – Review« (Tue., 9 a.m., Rated). The rather unknown area of ​​Russian folk then opens up the music program »No home« (Tue, 3 p.m., Dreyeckland Radio).

Malta's head of state Joseph Muscat has just resigned. The background to this is the revelation in the Daphne Caruana Galizia case, which was murdered in a car bomb in October 2017, as it relentlessly exposed corruption affairs. The Germany radio reminds of the brave journalist with the feature "They'd love to see me dead" by Iris Rohmann (DLF 2018; Tue, 7.15 p.m., DLF).

"One would have to make it clear to pedestrians that it is purely commercial companies to which they babblely deliver the raw material for evening magazines without any payment." A quote from Max Goldt's text "Children of Lazy Mothers Speak Unpaid into Microphones". What applies to eve magazines may also apply to the genre of audio plays, to which Walter Kempowskis "Have you seen Hitler?" (WDR 1973; Tue, 8 p.m., DLF) heard. Had the pedestrians been reluctant to supply materials here, the document of the German Hitler obsession would not have come about. Speaking of which: the tension between this persistent obsession and the idea of ​​leaving the past behind is brought to light by Knarf Rellöm, otherwise known as the author of extraterrestrial radio hits, with the title "We must finally let Hitler have the past". The author reads from the famous text collection that has just been published by Ventil-Verlag on Wednesday evening in the Berlin bar Fahimi.

Dirk Schmidt is also contributing to a new "radio crime scene" »Germany has no more horses« (WDR 2020; Original broadcast Wed., 8 p.m., Bavaria 2) in front. Here the Soko Hamm, siding for particularly incapable police officers, is investigating a homeless man murdered. Dieter Jandt's feature »By air taxi to the office – air number or traffic solution?« (SWR 2020; Wed., 10 p.m., SWR 2) asks about the substance of the plans of CSU Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer to open up the airspace for local traffic.

Re-enactment of sound bites is the basis of Luise Voigt's radio plays "Heterotopia" (DLF culture 2018; Thursday, 10 p.m., DLF culture) and "Five corridors, one hour" (MR/SWR/DLF culture 2020; Sun, 2 p.m., HR 2 culture). The first deals with sexual identity outside of so-called norms, the second offers insights into the everyday life of a nursing home. A collage is Judith Keller's piece "The Questionable" (SRF 2020; Original broadcast Fri, 8 p.m., SRF 1), in which Zurich is explored by tram.

Mudar Al Haggis and Wael Kadour's radio play also brings something new "The dead have things to do" (DLF 2019; Original broadcast on Saturday, 8 p.m., DLF), Stella Luncke and Josef Maria Schäfers Feature »Unprofitable – when artists become retirees« (SWR 2020; Sun, 2 p.m., SWR 2), Klaus Raab's relationship story »How coarse the felt is and how warm« (BR 2020; Original broadcast Sun, 3 p.m. and Rep. Mon, 8 p.m., Bavaria 2), Michael Reitz’s relaxed»To have peace and quiet – praise of phlegm in troubled times« (DLF 2020; Sun, 8 p.m., DLF) and the live broadcast»Through the night: Anarchism and IT – the CCC special from unsuspecting people« (Mon., 8 p.m., Rated).

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